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Nov 24,2014 by Anonymous

Not Going To Uni & Workbooks Case StudyLicence costs drop by 50% and retention rates rise when employment website implements for its online CRM needs 

Not Going To Uni (NGTU) is the UK's leading website dedicated to helping school and college leavers make informed decisions about their future.

For the past four years the company has used the Salesforce CRM to maintain contact with its advertising clients. However, a number of business changes, including acquisition and the decision to replace its QuickBooks accounting package with Sage 50, prompted the company to reevaluate the Salesforce product.

Offering a 50% saving over the Salesforce enterprise license NGTU had been using, Workbooks’ online CRM system was a compelling solution. As part of the project, the Workbooks team also merged three databases into one to support the expanded business, migrated 20,000 contacts and 10,000 records, as well as the finance information from the old system.

Using Workbooks, NGTU can efficiently and effectively:

  • Track both customer communications and on-going opportunities which is helping to balance the daily workload.
  • Focus activities on what needs to be closed this month and what needs to be set up for the following month to ensure a steady flow of opportunities.

Other key benefits include:

  • Increasing the quality and timeliness of management information.
  • Removing the risk of duplicated effort, overlap or miscommunication with customers and prospects.
  • Closely monitoring the time between order close and invoice generation because of the integration with Salesforce and Workbooks.

With a high conversion of existing leads and renewal rates running at around 85%, NGTU is set for continued expansion. Craig Abrahart, Managing Director at NGTU, says “The decision to move from Salesforce to Workbooks was undoubtedly the right one for  Not only has the subscription cost reduced by 50% but with Workbooks we have a system – and a supplier - that can really help the business to move forward and push those retention rates even higher, up to 90% or beyond.”

Not Going To Uni - Case Study Download

Click HERE to read the full NGTU case study and find out how an online CRM system from Workbooks can assist your business. 

Nov 19,2014 by Samuel Jefferies

Workbooks offers browser based CRM software featuring: admin automation, sales forecasting, marketing tracking and more.

Discover more by signing up for a 30 day free trial or contact the team.



What is CRM Software?

Darrell Rigby, Frederick F. Reichheld & Phil Schefter suggest: "CRM aligns business processes with customer strategies to build customer loyalty and increase profits over time." Rigby et al. (2002).

In practice customer relationship management (CRM) software is a tool used to better manage interactions between a company, its customers, suppliers and leads.

Modern CRM software offers further capabilities such as automated sales activities, forecasting and pipeline management.


The benefits of CRM Software

"CRM systems main benefit is a clear management of interactions between past, present and future customers." Tweet: CRM systems main benefit is a clear management of interactions between past, present and future customers.

Sales & marketing benefits

As interactions take place within one area, reports can easily be created to show predictions within the sales pipeline. Allowing easier budgeting and capacity planning.

Due to the mobile and cloud nature of many modern CRM tools, field sales teams can now easily find information such as: Customer addresses, geographically near opportunities and new available leads.

With integration's such as Hubspot, marketers can create and modify marketing campaigns without ever having to leave their CRM. Since marketing efforts are now tied into their lead management tool (CRM) return on investment visibility opens up allowing marketers to understand (often for the first time) which marketing channels are losing the company money and which are increasing turnover.

crm-softwareCustomer service benefits

By having a clear view of customer information, your customer services team can rapidly see a complete picture of a customer such as billing, emails and technical issues. This opens the door for a more holistic approach to customer services.

Management benefits

Businesses often find themselves with multiple sets of data held in different places such as spreadsheets, sales tools and customer service logs. By reducing these "data islands" into one area, data is found more easily and productivity is maximised.

This also allows management teams to quickly see what activities team members have completed/are planned, schedule in future activities and rapidly identify top performers.


CRM Light bulbHow did CRM systems originate?


Starting out as not much more than a computerised rolodex, CRM systems started in the 1980s, pioneered by Robert and Kate Kestnbaum, the original CRM systems used statistical databases to manage and analyse customer information.

During the late 1980s, ACT! and Goldmine both entered the arena releasing contract management software, however it wasn't until the early 1990s that the acronym and development of 'CRM' really took off.


Inspired by an internal sales system Oracle used, ex-Oracle employee Tom Siebel left to produce Siebel Systems (later acquired by Oracle), which rapidly became the leading Sales Force automation market provider.

During the late 1990's CRM development sped up with the addition of marketing, sales and customer service tools being wrapped into one tool.

Cloud technologies began to take form in the early 2000s as another ex-Oracle employee (Mark Benioff) developed the first major SaaS CRM called Salesforce.

Although initially ignored, Salesforce quickly became the main CRM player in the 2000s.

It was also in this decade that Workbooks CRM was released (2008). Created by a team of ex Salesforce users, Workbooks CRM was developed to deal with the frustrations they found using the Salesforce system.

Workbooks CRM took CRM to a new level, offering new CRM features such as lead tracking (from advert to invoice) and the ability to create custom scripts (using .PHP) to automate many of the admin tasks we come across everyday.

Workbooks CRM continues to go from strength to strength with over 50% growth year on year.


SaaS CRMThe rise of the Cloud based SaaS CRM software

Software as a service (SaaS) is rapidly becoming the CRM de facto as consumers see the benefits of accessing data anywhere and anytime. More and more CRM software companies are shifting their software from a traditional 'download before you can use' approach to the clean, quick, and instantly accessible CRM SaaS offers.

Benefits include the ability to switch on/off user licenses (such as when an employee leaves/joins) and a pay per user approach.


Who buys CRM software - do I need to be a large organisation?

Although CRM software is typically thought of as a sales tool, it's now used and implemented by any business looking to work more productively, our customers range from charities to advertising agencies. We're personally finding a greater range of businesses signing up year on year.

Whilst historically only large businesses have been seen using CRM, we're beginning to see more and more small and medium sized businesses implementing CRM software to gain the benefits this offers. Many niche providers cater solely for this market.


Which business departments would use a CRM tool?

Since CRM software creates a single data island across an entire organisation, businesses often find their CRM software is adopted company wide.

Internally every area of our business uses our CRM tool on a daily basis. Support tickets are raised in the system, Finance automatically send out invoice reminders, sales track and view new opportunities whilst marketing track their latest promotions ROI.

Furthermore a joined up approach across an entire organisation both encourages a successful integration and multiplies the benefits a CRM provides.

"CRM is a tool, not a solution". (Dougherty 2013)


How can we ensure a successful implementation?


Purchasing and implementing software of any type does not come without challenges. If your colleagues don't adopt a new piece of software, no matter the benefits, it will be seen as a burden and expense.

75% chance of failure and fifteen months to generate a profit

Englaro (2013) reports: "Many analysts report that anywhere from 25% to 75% of CRM implementations fail to meet expectations, or fail outright and never get used." Tweet: Many analysts report that anywhere from 25% to 75% of CRM implementations fail to meet expectations, or fail outright and never get used.

So how can you be sure your company adopts a CRM?

Altman (2014) suggests you should choose a CRM which "Your Entire Organization Will Actually Use." 

Join the successful 25% and sign up for a free 30 day trial.



Main CRM Providers & Why Workbooks is Different

The most popular CRM is Salesforce followed by new and existing providers such as: Workbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and Sugar CRM.

Salesforce CRMSugar CRM



Workbooks is different, we can:

  • Track marketing ROI
    SaaS businesses often have a sales length of over six months, making tracking marketing using tools such as Google Analytics extremely difficult. Since Workbooks ties in multiple business areas it's easy to track leads from creation (i.e. clicking on a Google ad) to the point a paid invoice is received - even if this process spans across a year. This allows full visibility on marketing ROI.
  • Automate mundane tasks
    Another benefit of a multi-departmental approach is automation such as: triggering invoice reminder emails, sending overdue sales leads reports and the creation of renewal orders.
  • Cloud accessibility in UK data centres
    Data is hosted in the cloud meaning you can access it anywhere in the world. With all our data being held and backed up in UK data centres, your data never leaves the UK.
  • 99.95% Service level agreement 
    We tie an agreement into every contract offering a guaranteed uptime of 99.5%. We're not too concerned though, our current uptime is 99.9%.
  • Substantial cost savings
    We enjoy a long term relationship with our customers so we're able to offer an extremely competitive pricing - Currently we're 50-70% cheaper than the market leader.

We pride ourselves of being the only CRM to offer automation, marketing trackability, cloud based UK held data and an SLA agreement.

For a free trial or demo please contact us.


Successful CRM Case Studies

Established in 1973, Megatech are the largest supplier of equipment and services to thin film and semiconductor industries in the UK.




Barriers between departments

Before adopting Workbooks, Megatech's Marketing department used whilst their accounting team used Sage Line 50, and further departments including customer services used completely different systems. This meant the transfer of information between departments could be slow and inefficient.

Issues with and Sage CRM

Megatech found difficulties using so naturally switched to Sage CRM. Despite promises of an interface and integration from Sage, shortly after implementation Sage decided not to go ahead with the interface leaving Megatech disappointed: "Sage CRM was clunky and we found that the search functionality was very poor; the users weren’t happy with it and it still didn’t do what we wanted it to do because it couldn’t integrate with our Sage Line 50 accounting system.”

A new, complete solution

The team now realised they needed a CRM package which would allow them to streamline communication throughout the organisation, narrowing their search down to three providers: Workbooks, NetSuite and Sugar. Finally choosing Workbooks because "In terms of price, functionality and support Workbooks came out on top,” explains Quentin, “We liked the fact that managing products and pricing schemes was easy, and that the system was designed to be flexible to allow for customisation.

And, of course, Workbooks could provide us with comprehensive integration with our accounting package which would enable us to synchronise orders, credit notes, new accounts and invoice information.”

A single solution working seamlessly

Today Megatech have a single system which manages the entire sales process from prospect all the way to cash. “What I love about Workbooks is that it has knocked down the barriers that we were experiencing between teams and has given us a connected view of all of our data and our customer engagement,” explains Quentin, “We have better visibility of what is in our pipeline and we can now produce quotations, orders and invoices from the same system.

All of our supplier information can be accessed by the whole company, we can track our day-to-day communications with suppliers and we can produce supplier orders at the click of a button.”


CRM Software: The complete guide - Summary


Despite popular belief the benefits CRM's provide span further than simply providing a contact database, with features such as automation, lead tracking, case handling and sales pipeline management, more and more businesses are switching from multiple 'data islands' to a single system.

Developed from not much more than an electronic database CRM software is continuing to shift to cloud based, multi-functional software.

G2 Crowd Report

How can I find out more about your CRM software?


At Workbooks, we don’t just sell you CRM Software, we sell you an ongoing, fully supported service. However we only work with companies which meet our strict criteria.

Discover more by signing up for a 30 day trial, or contact us for a demonstration.

  • Encourage involvement
    Before you purchase a CRM ensure you get all future users involved and committed to the project, this way by the time your new CRM rolls out your colleagues will already know about the product, what it does and how it benefits them.
  • Promote benefits not features
    Forget about features, how will your new CRM actually benefit you? Suggesting colleagues admin time could be reduced by 90% is a lot more attractive, than pushing automation features.
  • Use cloud based CRM software
    By having a CRM provider which hosts data in the cloud, users can access the system from anywhere, such as a team member logging in via a mobile during a sales call.
  • Browser based
    A browser based CRM, means users don't waste time downloading heavy software (which may only work on a single computer) or even worse waste a morning waiting for 'critical updates'. A browser based CRM such as Workbooks means you can log in and begin working from any computer or mobile device anywhere, within seconds.;
  • Choose software which staff can already use
    Workbooks is modelled on a Windows desktop, for example we have a start bar and windows - this means users intuitively know what they're doing.
  • Get your suppliers involved in the implementation
    Due to Workbooks CRM extremely competitive pricing, it takes us over fifteen months to generate a profit on our customers, and this means without a successful implementation we will lose money. So we work hard for a shared successful implementation. By working directly (rather than through a reseller) you can ensure you're not lost in the noise.


Workbooks CRM Competitions Won 2014


Why have I never heard of Workbooks?

Workbooks is a growing company (up to 50% growth year on year since our creation in 2007). Since it takes us 15 months to generate a profit on a new user we're busy making our product the best possible experience.

For this reason typically we've spent less on marketing and more on research and development, despite this we've still managed to win a few awards...


Awards won in 2014

  • Workbooks won CRM product of the Year 2014
  • Workbooks won CRM Wars in May 2014 ahead of 31 other CRM vendors as voted by customers.
  • Workbooks won a TMC Cloud Computing Excellence Award in both 2014
  • Workbooks in 2014 was rated #1 CRM for customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd.
  • Workbooks was recognised with an award for Most Innovative Cloud Best Practice by Channel Partners in 2014.
  • Workbooks came out Best in 3 of 4 categories in the 2014 Gleansight Analyst report on CRM,
  • Workbooks was endorsed both in 2014 by being shortlisted as a finalist in the Eurocloud awards.
  • Gcloud 5 certified in 2014

Who are Workbooks current customers?

As mentioned earlier, our customers span from charities to advertising agencies. Take a look at our customer page to learn more.




Why our customers choose us


Our customers span across many different industries so choose us for different reasons, however from analysing our current customer database we've outlined the following main purchasing reasons:

  • Ease of use
  • Customer services
  • Sage integration
  • Time saving
  • Reduction in admin
  • User adoption rates
  • Cost savings
  • Automatically processing orders
  • View important information instantly
  • UK based company
  • Can deal directly with Workbooks

Discover the benefits of browser based CRM software which can forecast profits, automate mundane tasks and track marketing's ROI.

Join the future of cloud based CRM by signing up for a - 30 day Free Trial.


Not quite ready but want to see a demo? Contact us - here.




Rigby, DJ., Frederick, FF., Schefter, PP,. 2002. "Avoid the Four Perils of CRM" [online].

Dougherty, DK., 2013. "Five Reasons Your Salesforce Implementation will Fail" [online].

Englaro, ME., 2013. "Why do CRM projects fail?" [online].

Altman, IA., 2014. "The Secret To Choosing The Best CRM For Your Sales Organization" [online].


Samuel Jefferies

Nov 10,2014 by

30th October 2014, Workbooks announced that Ian Moyse, Sales Director has been nominated as one of the ‘50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management’ for 2014, in the Sales Lead Management Association’s annual election. James W. Obermayer, CEO of the SLMA, said, “We have over 6,400 professional members and last year, over 34% of them cast votes in our annual election, where 82 sales lead management professionals were nominated.”

Ian Moyse said “I feel honored to be nominated as a Top 50 Influencer in Sales Lead Management and am pleased to see quite a few nominations from customers and colleagues putting me amongst great peers in these awards.”

This year, SLMA’s fifth annual election has a nomination period of October 1st through to October 30th, followed by a voting period from November 1st through November 31st. Only members of the SLMA may nominate people they think deserve recognition (membership in the SLMA is free). On December 10th the ‘Top 50’ winners will be announced in the order of highest votes received. The complete rules for nominations, as well as nomination forms, are available on the SLMA site.

Ian also recently took part in an SLMA radio interview focused on “Is selling in a cloud-world better or worse for salespeople?”

About the Sales Lead Management Association

The mission of the Sales Lead Management Association is to help companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads. The SLMA has 8,000 worldwide members, 300-plus articles from 60 authors, and interviews with 335 executives achieved from the SLMA weekly radio program. For more information about SLMA or the ‘Top 50’ List, call Sue Campanale at 360 933 1259.

About Workbooks

Founded in 2007 in the UK by a successful team of entrepreneurs, has rapidly become one of the fastest growing providers of web-based CRM and Business Applications.

Our suite of Business Applications are specifically designed for small and mid-size organisations and are delivered via Software-as-a-Service, therefore removing the traditional requirements of having hardware to maintain and software to install and support.

Our joined-up approach to business means Workbooks CRM and Workbooks Business can help to streamline your whole business, increasing productivity and performance through efficiency gains. Not only can our suite of applications help you to increase sales and track key business information but they’ll help improve your quality of service and help to reduce your operational costs.

Our customer base spans many industry sectors including Finance, Professional Services, Insurance, Not-for-profit organisations, IT, Telecommunications, Construction, Transport & Logistics and Manufacturing. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding levels of customer commitment and customer service to all our customers. As a UK based company, with our engineering team working alongside our support team, we are on hand to respond quickly and efficiently to any questions that may arise.

Nov 05,2014 by Anonymous

Sales director, Ian Moyse, to present on how CRM and Membership Management can work together.

Associations and membership organisations are taking a leaf out of the commercial sector’s book and replacing their traditional membership databases with web based CRM systems that can help them manage their donor and partner relationships more productively and efficiently.

This week, our sales director, Ian Moyse, will be presenting on how CRM and Membership Management can work together at the 12th Trade Association Best Practice Exchange on Thursday, November 6th, from the Hallam Conference Centre, in London.

Ian’s presentation will offer businesses the chance to find out how CRM systems can combine membership management with digital marketing, event management and lobbying, to improve member recruitment and retention.

The charity Coeliac UK, for example, has successfully implemented Workbooks as part of a £250,000 overhaul of its ICT infrastructure to improve the depth and timeliness of information available to Coeliac disease patients online. The charity has 65,000 members and a database of 10,000 gluten-free products from manufacturers across the world. It also manages a venue guide to eating establishments across the UK and beyond that are able to provide a good gluten-free experience, from hotels and restaurants to takeaways and home delivery organisations. In addition to this large amount of data, the Coeliac UK CRM system has to be able to support the commercial operations of the Coeliac UK Trading Company, which includes advertising, sponsorship and merchandise.

Using Workbooks, UK Coeliac members can now sign up and pay online, purchase merchandise, submit recipes and access details of gluten-free foods, together with gaining access to venues selling suitable foods. Workbooks CRM has enabled the charity to introduce six levels of membership and report metrics on members to better target them with relevant online information that they can engage with.

Ian Moyse sits on the board of Eurocloud UK and the Governance Board of Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) and has experience managing large and small UK and international teams, he has many accolades to his name including 2012 & 2013: Top 25 worldwide SMB Nation 150 Influencers list and was named a global top 200 cloud channel expert in 2013 by TalkinCloud.


For more information and to read top tips on charity membership and CRM in full download our eBook here:


Nov 03,2014 by Anonymous

Don’t leave money on the table; use predictive sales support to fully realise sales opportunities using your online CRM

Today, with the increase of smartphones and tablets, your customers are using a variety of devices to engage with your business and help in their purchase decision making. If you’re not there when it matters with the right information, the right options and the right pricing, not only will you miss out on the initial sales opportunity but you’ll also not have the chance to up-sell or cross-sell.

So how can you get closer to your customers to ensure these golden revenue boosting opportunities don’t slip through the net? Workbooks latest eBook explains the key strategies for effective up-selling techniques and how the use of a sophisticated online CRM solution will bring success to your sales funnel.

Three key insights include:

1. Every customer is unique - Your sales team has an intimate knowledge of your product range but how much do they know about your customers? Collecting relevant data, from customer demographics to purchase timings, is crucial for businesses looking to be in the right place, at the right time. Not only do effective online CRM solutions arm you with detailed customer analysis but they also give your sales team a clear record of every interaction they have with customers.

2. Customers are multi-channel and multi-device – As well as visiting your website via multiple devices, your customers will also use a variety of channels to reach your website including social media, various search sites and even download stores. No matter how your customers land on your site, without multi-channel tracking how will you know when your clients are most likely to buy?

3. 80% of success is showing up - Gartner reports companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue within six to nine months. Having marketing activities set up in your online CRM such as lead activity tracking and lead scoring and qualification ensures you know exactly where each prospect is in the buying cycle and understand how best to handle them to ensure a sale.

With the right online CRM tools in place you can contact your customers at the right time, building trust and inspiring them with advice and information on further products and services your business offers.


Up-Selling and Cross-Selling: CRM Strategies that really work.

For more information on up-selling and cross-selling download our eBook here:

Oct 20,2014 by Anonymous

Membership ManagementLatest eBook provides practical tips from deciding what web based CRM means to your organisation through to choosing the best supplier -

Many associations and membership organisations are taking a leaf out of the commercial sector’s book and replacing their traditional membership databases with web based CRM systems that can help them manage their donor and partner relationships more productively and efficiently.

However, the same problems and pitfalls of CRM implementation apply whether you are a membership organisation or Enterprise company. The difference is that an expensive CRM implementation, which does not provide the expected or promised results, is potentially devastating to membership organisations with tight budgets and for those that rely on member donations to continue their work. Every penny has to be spent wisely and the best return on investment gained.

The majority of CRM implementation problems arise when stakeholders and CRM project leaders in the organisation don’t spend enough time defining what they actually want from CRM – or even what CRM means.

To help, our CRM experts have created a Practical Guide with four top tips detailing what every association and membership organisation should be considering before embarking on a web based CRM implementation. These include:

  • Decide what CRM means to you - It is vital that you find the right combination of CRM and membership management features for your needs – but have you actually defined what CRM means to your organisation?
  • Consider the benefits - There are many benefits of CRM for associations and membership organisation, not least in the increased productivity of employees, who are free to concentrate on delivering the best possible service to your members without having to rely on disparate information sources, which are likely to exist in a complicated mixture of digital and physical media.
  • What are your specific requirements? - What do you need your CRM and membership management to do?
  • Choose the right CRM partner - Having identified your need for CRM, you need to identify the system – and supplier – with the qualities to meet that need.

For more information and to read the top tips in full download our eBook by clicking on the button below:

Oct 13,2014 by

Leading publisher Incisive Media selects Workbooks CRM for its Global Sales Team

Reading, England, 13th October 2014

Incisive Media Ltd, a leading global business-to-business information provider, has selected Workbooks CRM to enable its teams which are selling annual subscriptions across a range of online and print titles in London, Hong Kong and New York.

Incisive Media has grown from the publisher of a single B2B financial magazine to a global business media company that prides itself on its entrepreneurial culture, creating market-leading products for the main areas of financial services, with leading brands in the financial, legal, accountancy and IT sectors. Incisive Media aims to bring product provider and purchaser business communities together using all the varied platforms available to a modern information business. 

Whilst Incisive Media has sophisticated subscription management and publishing systems, the sales team were reliant on a relatively simplistic CRM system to manage the requested trials and renewals. This was successful in selling subscriptions to individuals, however when the corporate strategy moved to selling enterprise licences to companies rather than individuals, it quickly became apparent that the team required a sales tool that would give them a company view.    

“Now my team is focused on selling to multi-national businesses rather than individuals, a key requirement is to understand how a company is structured, and to do this we need to group individuals at a company level, have visibility on who is speaking to whom, about which products, and at which sites across the globe,” said Michelle Godwin, Global Key Account Sales Director at Incisive Media. “Although the old system gave us the basic information we needed, this is a much more sophisticated sales process, so sharing data, tracking activities, visits, calls and meetings, as well as maintaining an email history at a company level is essential to us.”

With no central tools to help individual sales executives to plan and record their activities, the sales management team was struggling to understand the sales pipeline and produce reliable forecasts. It was difficult to ensure processes were being followed correctly, and it wasn’t possible to track individual KPIs such as the addition of new business contacts and new client meeting activity.

“We wanted a way to monitor and improve our sales processes, and desperately needed a world-class CRM solution to store the customer profiles and market intelligence that our sales execs are gathering,” explained Michael Lloyd, Global Head of Enterprise at Incisive Media. “So we worked with our Group Data team to identify and assess a number of suitable vendors, and from a shortlist, we selected Workbooks due to its intuitive user interface, ease of configuration and superior flexibility.”

Ian Moyse, Sales Director at Workbooks, said “We are proud to be selected by a company renowned for investing in its future and a leader in their sector. A growing number of businesses are selecting Workbooks CRM for its intuitive user interface and high user adoption rates, and Incisive Media will benefit from our exemplary track record of availability and performance.  Business leaders are quick to recognise the benefits of a partnership with Workbooks including cost-effective licence pricing and integrated implementation, training and support services from one supplier.”

Following the successful deployment of Workbooks CRM for the global sales team, there are plans for Workbooks to become a core business application with interfaces to other departments and systems including customer service, marketing and the website.

About Incisive Media

Incisive Media is one of the world’s leading B2B information providers, serving the financial and professional services markets globally. Bringing product provider and purchaser business communities together in print, in person or online, Incisive Media has an unquestioned reputation for delivering high quality, timely information in whatever format best suits our customers. With an unrivalled passion for the products they produce, over 750 staff across 3 continents providing an ever increasing range of valuable marketing opportunities, enabling the professional communities we serve to do more and better business.


About Workbooks delivers world-class CRM and business applications to the mid-market, at an affordable price and with functionality that transforms business. Unlike traditional CRM solutions, extends beyond sales, marketing and customer support to include order management, order fulfilment, invoicing and supplier management. This business functionality is delivered out-of-the-box at a price which is typically 50-70% less than enterprise solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Netsuite. For more information visit

Follow on Twitter: @Workbooks


Oct 13,2014 by Anonymous

Managing your Marketing AgencyA best practice guide on how to utilise a web-based CRM system to connect leads generated to sales 

In our conversations with customers and prospects, a key question that we’re often asked is: ‘How can I make sure that I am getting the most out of my investment with my marketing agency?’ This is a tricky one, but through our own relationships with third party marketing agencies we’ve come to believe that it’s all about measurement – in particular, the number of leads the agency is bringing you.

The beauty of digital marketing is that it offers the compelling promise of accurate measurement and rapid time to market. But while increasing web site visits fourfold or delivering 100% more leads looks fantastic, the devil is in the detail. Businesses need to know how many of these leads are actually driving sales. 

So we’ve created an eBook that includes some helpful tips and advice on how you can measure the quality of leads at every stage of the sales process. 

As you’d expect, we believe that your CRM system is the best place to measure lead quality – but this isn’t just a sales plug! Marketers need to use their web-based CRM system to scrutinise in detail the ‘leads generated’ and determine whether the leads are within the company’s key target markets and geographies; whether they convert into the expected sales pipeline at the ratio expected; and ultimately into closed deals. 

Don’t miss a trick

Let’s go back to basics. The objective of marketing activity is to generate sales; it is to provide the sales team with excellent, qualified leads that support an effective and productive sales process. But without clear, accurate feedback on the value of the leads being generated, the marketing agency can only continue with its, albeit sophisticated, scattergun approach.

Armed with this reliable stats and measurements, a company can hold its marketing agency – or agencies – far more accountable.  

Managing your marketing agency eBook

Download our full eBook here to find out how to:

  • Scrutinise leads generated to determine key target markets and geographies.
  • Check whether leads convert into the sales pipeline as expected.
  • Measure ROI by tracking each lead through the pipeline from Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) to invoice.
  • Tailor activity accordingly.

Sep 29,2014 by

BasePlus selects Workbooks CRM to streamline its telesales and marketing activities

Reading, England, 29th September 2014

BasePlus, a leading international telesales and demand generation organisation specialising in the IT sector, has selected Workbooks CRM to underpin their sales and marketing efforts.

BasePlus was looking for a solution to replace CallPro. The company wanted to implement an intuitive CRM solution that would deliver an improved user experience and enable the team to manage its workflows and activities in a more streamlined and effective manner.

Paul Hart, Managing Director at BasePlus, commented: “We were impressed by the Workbooks CRM system. Our previous system had been heavily tailored to represent the workflow of our unique process, but still left us with challenges in reporting granular detail to our customers. We were seeking a system that would deliver a more intuitive user experience, with high adoption rates across the team, as well as enabling more detailed and granular reporting to our customers.”

Paul continued: “We are confident that Workbooks will be able to deliver this. I particularly like how quick and easy it is to create and manage activities within Workbooks, the speed with which you can navigate the ‘Windows-style’ desktop, and the ease of finding and segmenting data. Our CRM system administrators have already seen how much quicker it is to carry out complex tasks compared to our previous CRM”

Ian Moyse, Sales Director at Workbooks, commented: “We are pleased to be selected by a leading international telesales and demand generation organisation that recognises the difference that the right CRM makes. BasePlus are sales experts in their own right, acting on behalf of companies such as Oracle, HP, IBM and Intel, so we take it as high praise that they value Workbooks CRM above others in the market.”

Paul went on to say: “It was an added bonus to us that Workbooks can be self-implemented and that we will easily be able to customise the system to meet our on-going needs after the initial implementation.”


About BasePlus

BasePlus was founded in 2007 to provide a solution to a common Technology Industry problem. Before BasePlus, the successful outcome of telephone based, demand generation activities could only be measured by the number of ‘leads’ that were generated. The accuracy, quality and in many cases, even the reality of these leads was almost impossible to measure. BasePlus is unique in providing Opportunity Lifecycle Management solutions for every sales opportunity generated and evolving our services in line with the changing requirements of our clients. In 2011, following a period of continuous expansion, the company moved to its current home at BasePlus House in Northwich, Cheshire.


About Workbooks delivers world-class CRM and business applications to the mid-market, at an affordable price and with functionality that transforms business.

Unlike traditional CRM solutions, extends beyond sales, marketing and customer support to include order management, order fulfillment, invoicing and supplier management. This business functionality is delivered out-of-the-box at a price which is typically 50-70% less than enterprise solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Netsuite.

For more information, visit Follow on Twitter: @Workbooks.

Sep 24,2014 by Anonymous

Fed up with your inadequate online CRM? There is an alternative and it doesn’t cost the earth…in fact it won’t cost anything at all!

Over the past four years, we have migrated many customers across to As you’d expect, those companies that are thinking of making the switch are always keen to understand why our customers have swapped over.

Of course, every business is different, with individual processes and requirements. There are a variety of reasons why a business will decide to swap out their Salesforce CRM and replace it with something different. So we’ve pulled together some of the common reasons we hear from customers as to why they’ve made the switch, and included them in a short eBook. With functionality comparison tables and quotes from real customers, the eBook provides useful information and practical guidance to aid your decision making.

It’s important to remember that just because Salesforce is one of the largest CRM vendors in the world doesn’t make it the best fit for every business - especially mid-size organisations. Many businesses start their CRM journey with Salesforce, but often switch when they find an online CRM solution that better suits their needs.

Listed below are just a few reasons why you should consider swapping to Workbooks:

  • More functionality: Workbooks is more than just a basic CRM system. It provides you with additional business functionality ‘out-of-the box’, including sales order management and invoicing functionality.
  • Vendor support: At Workbooks we provide not only first-class software, but also a full range of services to guarantee a successful implementation together with on-going support to help you enjoy long-lasting CRM success.
  • Cost: One of the biggest complaints about is the price of the service. Workbooks is much better value for money, with its core CRM Edition coming in at £19 per user per month and the Business Edition coming in at £42 per user per month.



If Salesforce isn’t delivering what you’d hoped it would, download our latest eBook here and find out why Workbooks may be a better choice.