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By integrating sales and marketing data, both teams can benefit from deeper customer insights - helping everyone become more productive. 
Using Marketing CRM techniques sounds as though it oversteps the traditional boundary between sales and marketing. However, sales and marketing alignment brings benefits to the business as a whole which cannot be ignored.
Here are just a few of those benefits…


Improved Data Sharing

  • Two-way data flow thanks to sales and marketing alignment ensures everyone understands your customers, regardless of pipeline set-up. 
  • Shared data in an integrated sales and marketing CRM system prevents the creation of “silos” – data that is kept within business units, inaccessible, unshared and frequently inaccurate. 
  • Data sharing between sales and marketing business units paves the way for greater data access across the business. 
“It’s the integration of marketing automation with CRM which creates a complete revenue picture and process.” – Debbie Qaqish,


Better Understanding of Customers

  • Integrated sales and marketing CRM systems provide lead return functionality, allowing the sales team to return a lead to the marketing department for further nurturing. 
  • Customer segmentation based on preferences and purchase history can create finely tuned marketing campaigns. 
  • Historical records of preferences, purchases and communications allow for personalised service offerings in future. 
  • Tailored services foster better relationships with customers, helping to create greater brand loyalty.
“The primary reason driving our company to integrate sales and marketing efforts is to have marketing determine who our target customers should be so we can empower and direct our sales team to focus their attention on those opportunities.” – Curtis fisher, CEO, ProContent.


Enhanced Automation Capabilities

  • Knowing and understanding customers allows for the creation of automated pipeline triggers and moves prospects along the sales pipeline.
  • Automating sales and marketing functions frees staff to focus on activities which require a human touch.
  • Automating sales and marketing functions often prevents leads from going cold and potential sales being lost.
“36% of best-in-class companies use sales automation technologies, but the industry average is just 27%.” – Sales and Marketing Alignment: The New Power Couple, Aberdeen Group.


Takeaways: What do you get from closer integration?

Closer integration between departments allows your business to share knowledge and experience to provide a better service to customers, new or existing. Keeping customers happy is crucial if you are to generate repeat business. Combining sales and marketing CRM also has a demonstrable positive effect on your company’s bottom line:
“Best-in-class businesses that integrate sales and marketing function noted a 20% average growth in annual company revenue. The industry average was just 7% average growth. The worst performing third of business recorded a 4% average decline in annual revenue.” – Sales and Marketing Alignment, Aberdeen Group.


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When we say closed-loop we mean tracking sales back to the marketing initiative that created them, thus ‘closing the loop’. To really prove the ROI of your lead sources you need to be able to track every lead, customer and investment back to its origination.

There are 4 steps to closed-loop marketing:

  • Visitor arrives on your site
  • Visitor browses your site
  • Visitor converts into a lead
  • Lead becomes customer.

Let’s look into each of these steps in more detail.

Visitor arrives on your site

The best way to close the loop is to direct all lead traffic through your site. When a visitor arrives at your site a cookie is set which refers to their lead source. As this lead moves through your sales cycle the cookie monitors the interactions and you can track the lead back to its original source whether that is email campaigns, organic search, referral traffic, direct traffic, or social media etc.  You can analyse the reports to see the value of your sources and improve ones that are underperforming. A tracking URL is used which is created through your marketing automation tool and a unique token is added to the URL showing the campaign source. 

Visitor browses your site

When a visitor browses your site the cookie tracks the behaviours of your visitors e.g. the pages they view or the content they are interested in. This behaviour analysis helps sales to tailor their follow up later down the line. All of the hard work of behaviour analysis can be done for you using a marketing automation tool.

Visitor converts into a lead

You have directed your incoming traffic to a landing page with a lead-capture form. This lead-capture form typically asks the visitor to provide contact information e.g. their name, company information and contact details etc. Once the form is submitted the visitor is converted into a lead and you collect their information, growing your lead database.

Lead becomes a customer

Which of your marketing channels provided you with the most customers? How can you optimise your marketing channels? Closed-loop marketing allows you to answer these question and determine the value of your lead sources.

To close the loop you need to look at your sales and track them back to their marketing initiative. The best way to do this is to integrate your marketing tool with your CRM. The purpose of a CRM is to synchronize the activities from your sales, marketing and customer support teams. The purpose of a marketing automation tool is to record your marketing data and learn from the analytics to improve your campaigns and lead conversions. To close the loop you need the two systems to interact, otherwise you just have 2 separate databases. Integration allows the two tools to talk to each other so when a deal is closed as won in the CRM a trigger updates the record in the marketing automation tool. Therefore you can trace the sale back to its marketing initiative.

Understanding your sites conversions allows you to identify your most influential pages and content. You can replicate success an improve underperformance. You can implement assignment rules, lead scoring and lead nurturing campaigns that increase the ROI of your marketing initiatives. Integrating marketing automation and CRM helps to align your sales and marketing teams rather than them working as separate entities.



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Annual Managed Services Provider (MSP) List Honors Top Executives, Entrepreneurs & Experts

Reading, England, (19th January 2015) - Ian Moyse, Sales Director at Workbooks, has been honored with a listing in the MSPMentor top 250 list for 2014.

In the seventh-annual MSPmentor 250 list, honoring the world’s top managed services provider (MSP) executives, entrepreneurs and experts, Ian was listed alongside a wealth of others from around the world.

The list is based on the MSPMentor annual global survey plus daily coverage of the managed services market.

Ian was selected for Nine Lives Media’s sixth annual MSPmentor 250. The global list identifies the world’s leading Managed Services Provider (MSP) executives, entrepreneurs, experts, coaches and community leaders. You can see the entire list at:

Ian Moyse, Sales Director of Workbooks commented: “It is pleasing to be recognised by peers in the sector and to be elected to this prestigious list once again. It also demonstrates the reach the cloud allows for us as a British CRM vendor, as our customer growth increasingly comes from around the world, especially the USA.”

Amy Katz, president of Nine Lives Media commented: “We congratulate Ian Moyse on this distinguished honor and thank our readership community for submitting the nomination.” (

The MSPmentor 250 report is based on a global survey of MSPmentor site readers conducted during 2014. The MSPmentor editorial staff, led by the Managing Editor, also weighed in with nominations, based on the team’s daily coverage of the managed services market. The resulting MSPmentor 250 and Locked in the NOC coverage represents MSP experts across business, technology, sales, marketing, community development, coaching and more.


About Workbooks delivers world-class CRM and business applications to the mid-market, at an affordable price and with functionality that transforms business. Unlike traditional CRM solutions, extends beyond sales, marketing and customer support to include order management, order fulfilment, invoicing and supplier management. This business functionality is delivered out-of-the-box at a price which is typically 50-70% less than enterprise solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Netsuite. For more information visit


About Nine Lives Media

MSPmentor is the ultimate guide to managed services and the leading global destination for managed service providers. It is one of the digital properties of Penton Technology.   Nine Lives Media, a division of Penton, defines emerging IT media markets and disrupts established IT media markets. The company’s IT channel-centric online communities include MSPmentor (, The VAR Guy ( and Talkin’ Cloud (  

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“We generate leads, but sales do not follow them up!”

“Marketing gives us leads that are not qualified!”


Sound familiar? We too experienced this misalignment of sales and marketing and decided to investigate. We arranged a sales and marketing meeting and analysed our sales calls. We found that when sales were following up on the leads that marketing provided they would often hear ‘we are not ready’ or ‘we don’t have budget’. These leads were often ruled out as poor quality, however they may have been legitimate buyers but they were just not ‘sales ready’.

When sales engaged they were still at the researching stage and were not ready for a ‘sales pitch’ yet. We learnt that our customers are almost half way through their sales cycle before they are ready to engage with sales. Although our sales cycle can be quite short the sales cycle for the buyer begins before we become aware of it. There was an invisible pipeline that we were not managing.

Sales were spending  a lot of time drip feeding leads with relevant content which meant that they were spending time on leads that were not ‘hot enough’ instead of focusing on deals that would have a higher conversion rate. The manual nature of this process was an administrative burden. It also meant that we could not track the effectiveness of our content, meaning it was hard to determine the value from our content marketing strategy.

We needed to work out how to manage our invisible pipeline and required a way of nurturing our leads from initial interest through to the point that they were ‘sales ready’ and beyond.


The answer turned out to be a simple one; we integrated a marketing automation tool with our CRM. This enabled us to:

Deliver relevant content

We can now deliver content that is relevant to our buyers at their particular stage of the buying cycle. They are provided with the content that they find useful so our prospects are happier.

Nurture our leads

We can nurture our leads with drip campaign emails, landing pages and content and track them through their buying cycle.

Get a holistic view of our leads

We are now able to see how our leads engage with our content and what their interests are. Sales can tailor their follow up approach improving their conversion rate.

Analyse analytics

We can look into our analytics to determine the effectiveness of our content. We can now make changes to our marketing strategy to improve our lead generation activities.

Determine campaign ROI

Closed loop reporting allows us to track a closed deal all the way back to the campaign it originated from.

Score and grade our leads

Marketing automation allows us to score and grade our leads. We can now track lead behaviours and only engage when the leads are ‘sales ready’.  There is also now a consistent definition of what a lead is ready for sales to engage.

Save time and overheads

Marketing is increasingly process driven and the integration has saved a lot of manual administration tasks. Marketing can spend more time on creating new leads and sales can spend more time on converting these leads. 



Find out how you can align your marketing and sales teams with Marketing Automation & CRM. Download our eBook now. 

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Workbooks CRM Honored for Innovation

Reading, England, (13th January 2015) - announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named its CRM system as a 2014 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award winner.

The Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award, presented by Cloud Computing magazine, honors vendors with the most innovative, useful, and beneficial cloud products and services that have been brought to market in the past year.

Ian Moyse, Sales Director at Workbooks commented: “We are pleased to yet again be recognised as delivering a quality, robust cloud service to customers and one that leads against other CRM vendors where we are often radically more cost effective. We have delivered a consistently high availability to customers since inception and continue to be chosen over big name brands for our quality of service, breadth of function and affordability.”

Moyse continued: “Our consistent winning of awards across the globe helps validate to customers that we are the right choice to shortlist when comparing systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft CRM.”

Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC commented: “Recognizing leaders in the advancement of cloud computing, TMC is proud to announce Workbooks CRM as a recipient of the Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award. Workbooks is being honored for their achievement in bringing innovation and excellence to the market, while leveraging the latest technology trends.”     


About Workbooks delivers world-class CRM and business applications to the mid-market, at an affordable price and with functionality that transforms business. Unlike traditional CRM solutions, extends beyond sales, marketing and customer support to include order management, order fulfilment, invoicing and supplier management. This business functionality is delivered out-of-the-box at a price which is typically 50-70% less than enterprise solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Netsuite. For more information visit

About TMC

TMC is a global, integrated media company that supports clients' goals by building communities in print, online, and face to face. TMC publishes multiple magazines including Cloud Computing, M2M Evolution, Customer, and Internet Telephony. TMCnet is the leading source of news and articles for the communications and technology industries, and is read by as many as 1.5 million unique visitors monthly. TMC produces a variety of trade events, including ITEXPO, the world's leading business technology event, as well as industry events: Asterisk World; AstriCon; ChannelVision (CVx) Expo; Cloud4SMB Expo; Customer Experience (CX) Hot Trends Symposium; DevCon5 - HTML5 & Mobile App Developer Conference; LatinComm Conference and Expo; M2M Evolution Conference & Expo; Mobile Payment Conference; Software Telco Congress, StartupCamp; Super Wi-Fi & Shared Spectrum Summit; SIP Trunking-Unified Communications Seminars; Wearable Tech Conference & Expo; WebRTC Conference & Expo III; and more. For more information about TMC, visit


Workbooks Contact:
Cheryl Nichols
Senior Marketing Executive
0118 3030 100


TMC Contact:                                                                        
Rebecca Conyngham
Marketing Manager
203-852-6800, ext. 287


Jan 12,2015 by Samuel Jefferies
With a New Year comes a new view! We are pleased to announce an update to Workbooks that adds many new features including a Calendar View, for example to view your upcoming Meetings for the week.
Please note that Apple's Safari browser for Windows is no longer supported as of this release (Apple discontinued it over two years ago). Support for Mac users accessing Workbooks using Safari will continue as normal.


Calendar View

A Calendar View is now available from any grid of data that has a date, or date and time column, including Reports.  From the View menu on the right above the grid, select 'View as Calendar'.  To go back to list view, select 'View as List'.

In a Calendar view, you can choose which date, or date and time column to arrange the records by across the timeline.  You can categorise the records by a column (e.g. 'Assigned to') to colour them. Calendar views can also be filtered and saved, just like normal list views.

You can choose which day of the week the Calendar view presents as the start of the week in Start Preferences.
To find out more about the Calendar view, click here.

Meeting enhancements

Meetings now have Attendees so you can record who attended your meetings. You can enter a name or an email address for an Attendee.  If the name or email address matches a Person or Sales Lead in Workbooks, then the record is linked to the meeting.  If an email address does not currently match a Person or Sales Lead, then it will be linked up when a record is created. Right-clicking on an Attendee, or clicking on the little down-arrow will offer a range of actions and links to the related records.

Please note:  Workbooks does not send meeting invitations.  You will still need to do this in your preferred calendaring solution like Outlook or Google Calendar.  
We have also extended the meeting records to support additional functionality, including recurrence and attendee status.   These have been implemented in this release so we can improve the integration with Outlook and Google Calendar in later releases of Workbooks. 
Information on creating Meetings is available in our Knowledge Base here.

Email enhancements

The user interface for Email recipients has been redesigned and significantly improved using the new functionality developed for Meeting Attendees.  Now, instead of clicking the 'Add a recipient' button, you can simply start typing a name or an email address into the To, Cc or Bcc fields as shown below:

Usability enhancements

Desktop shortcuts

We have added shortcuts to Dashboards and Recent Items to the desktop.  You can now customise which of the standard shortcuts appear on the desktop in the Preferences dialog.  Click here to learn more about the functionality available in your Preferences.


There are now distinct Capabilities for viewing Reports, and for creating and editing them. You may choose to allow a user to view Reports but not create or edit them, or even remove access to Reporting altogether.

Report Editor

Previously a few of the columns available to select in Reporting were hidden at the bottom of the list under a "More columns..." sub-menu. Following customer feedback we have removed the sub-menu, and the columns within it are now available along with all of the other columns in alphabetical order.


Clicking the Filters button on a grid when there are criteria defined causes the criteria to be hidden, allowing more space to see the results. Now the Filters button also shows the number of criteria so that it is clearer that they are hidden rather than removed.

The Apply Filters button to the right of the filter criteria now has a label to clarify what it does.

IFrame custom field tabs

IFrame custom field tabs are sometimes used to attach a Web Process to a record, enabling the process to make changes to related records, external services or even the record itself.  Previously, changing the record would cause the user's view of the record to become stale, and they would have to reload it.  Now, you can tick the 'Modifies the record' checkbox, causing the record to remind the user to save their changes before going to the tab, and vice-versa reloading the form when returning to the Main tab.

Automation enhancements

There are a number of enhancements to the Workbooks API and automation.


This release introduces Workbooks Plugins: combinations of scripts and configuration that can extend your Workbooks database with additional features and integrations with third-party services.  We will be working with other services to make their functionality available in Workbooks via Plugins in the near future.

API Reference documentation

The API Reference documentation can now be generated automatically from your database, including all of your custom fields and reports, making developing Workbooks clients much easier.  Go to Start Configuration Automation API Reference.

The documentation index opens in a new browser window, listing all of the record types that Workbooks exposes in the API plus all of your reports.

For convenience, there is also a link to the API Reference for a specific Report from the Automation tab of the Report View in the Report Editor.

More API endpoints

This release introduces a number of new endpoints in the Workbooks API.  You can now develop API clients that interact with:
  • Activity Attendees for Meetings
  • Process Parameters, Scheduled Processes, Web Processes, Integration Processes (see below), On Change Processes and On Change Process Listeners (see below)
  • Scripts, Script Dependencies and Script Parameters
  • Notifications
  • Users

More types of Processes

There are now two more new types of Processes, enabling even more interesting enhancements to Workbooks:
  • On Change Processes enable a Script to be invoked shortly after records of one or more types are created or modified.  The Script runs asynchronously to the user or API client modifying the record, so their response time is improved.
  • Integration Processes enable a web-style Script to present a panel in the Configuration screen, or in the user Preferences screen.  The Script can interact with the user to configure a feature.  We will be using this feature along with Plugins to integrate third-party services in the near future.

Running Scripts from the Script Library

Previously you had to copy a Script from the Script Library to be able to use it in your database. This caused problems when maintaining those Scripts: every copy had to be updated.  Now you can run a Script directly from the Script Library, so if we modify the code or need to address any issues you'll benefit from those enhancements immediately. Responsibility for the maintenance of Scripts you've copied into your database or created yourselves remains with you.

API Key capability restrictions

An API Key allows a client to access Workbooks and perform actions on behalf of a specific user without revealing the user's password.  This release adds capability restrictions, so that you can grant a client access to Workbooks, but only give it a few of the capabilities of the user.

Other enhancements

There are over 250 other minor enhancements and bugs fixed across Workbooks in this release, including:
  • People and Organisations now have an Alternate Name field.
  • Start Date and End Date columns have been added to the Line Items grid in Supplier Orders.
  • Button Processes can now be defined to run as a particular user, enabling a script to perform actions that require capabilities that the current user may not have.
  • Logging of Processes has been enhanced to discard detailed debugging information if the process completes successfully. This significantly reduces the space used by logs when processes run regularly and produce a lot of information.


Jan 06,2015 by

Reading, England, (6th January 2015) - Workbooks CRM has been announced as the winner in USA UP-start 2014 cloud awards as best Sales and Marketing Solution having been a finalist and runner up in 2013. 

The awards, which span 15 categories, are aimed at identifying the best cloud computing contributions to the business and technology community. 

This adds to a number of USA accolades for Workbooks such as being rated #1 CRM for customer satisfaction by USA review site G2 Crowd, being rated Best in 3 categories in the Gleansight Analyst CRM report, winning CRM Wars 2014, being awarded Cloud Computing Excellence Awards in both 2014 & 2013 by TMC, being recognised with an award for Most Innovative Cloud Best Practice by Channel Partners in 2014 and winning a TMC 2014 Cloud Computing Product of the Year award. 

Ian Moyse, Sales Director at Workbooks commented: “It is pleasing to see our continued recognition in the USA awards and analyst reports for the strength of our CRM offering against big brand names that carry far greater costs. Customers, reviewers and analysts alike are validating Workbooks service and functionality strengths against others, whilst we allow customers to often save 35-70% on their license costs. This win is particularly pleasing as it is a pure USA award for best CRM solution. We are looking forward to a strong 2015 year of continued growth and awards ahead.”


About Workbooks delivers world-class CRM and business applications to the mid-market, at an affordable price and with functionality that transforms business. Unlike traditional CRM solutions, extends beyond sales, marketing and customer support to include order management, order fulfilment, invoicing and supplier management. This business functionality is delivered out-of-the-box at a price which is typically 50-70% less than enterprise solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Netsuite. For more information visit



The UP-START Cloud Awards are now established in the cloud community as the de-facto recognition platform to cultivate the understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of cloud computing to the business and technology community. Disruptive and next generation Cloud Computing companies, as well as innovative stealth mode / emerging solution providers, are invited to step up to the plate and showcase their capabilities to receive a coveted industry recognition, as well as a tangible prize. 


Workbooks Contact:

Cheryl Nichols
Senior Marketing Executive
0118 3030 100

Dec 19,2014 by Anonymous

 Google Adwords - Image Credit: Ingvar Bjork /  Shutterstock.comAn effective web-based CRM system can help determine the quality of leads generated by a Google Adwords campaign.

Google Adwords is clearly one of the world’s leading advertising media, offering enormous potential for a more level playing field between SMEs and larger competitors. It is therefore a real shame that many firms are still struggling to quantify the benefits. Getting lead generation right is a fundamental component of the marketing activity. And, for marketers under increasing pressure to prove ROI, Google Adwords is compelling, with its analytics, tips and tricks for optimisation and refinement. But lead generation is not sales.

Marketers need to scrutinise in detail the quality of leads generated by the Adwords campaign and assess their worth against a number of criteria, such as:

  • Are the leads within the company’s key target markets and geographies?
  • Do they convert into the expected sales pipeline at the ratio expected?
  • What proportion of leads result in closed deals?

Undertaking this exercise at Workbooks revealed that we have never been able to make Google Adwords work. Using a web-based CRM to track the leads throughout the sales process is a sure fire way to determine an accurate ROI.

An effective web-based CRM system allows businesses to follow the progress of the unqualified leads that arrive at the website through the following stages:

  • Stage one: Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) - those that meet the basic qualification criteria, such as geographic region or size of company.
  • Stage two: Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) or Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), those leads that meet most of the normal BANT qualification rules - Budget, Authority, Need and Timescale.
  • Stage Three: Track the progress of the lead through the sales process towards conversion.
  • Stage Four: Close the deal.


Isn’t it time to find out just how much value your Google Adwords investment is delivering? For more information & advice on measuring the value of the Google Adwords leads, download our eBook “Is Google Adwords really a Marketing necessity?” 



Image Credit: Ingvar Bjork /

Dec 15,2014 by

First from the UK to make the top 10 and the highest ranking from the CRM market

15th December 2014, – Reading, UK - Ian Moyse, of Workbooks CRM, has been voted by the members of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), as one of the most influential people in Sales Lead Management for 2014. Members voted for up to three people from the list of nominees. The nominees came from many areas including CRM and marketing automation software, database management, telemarketing, consulting, fulfillment, higher education and publishing companies.

Ian is the first from the UK to make the top 10 listing, coming in at number 9 of the 50 listed and is the highest ranked on the list from the CRM community.

Nominators quoted:

“In my dealings with Ian as a business partner, he is responsive (often out of hours) and detailed in his assistance and rapid to ensure we get the best possible service and help in winning business.”

“I have engaged with Ian over the last 2 years as a customer. From the very first communication, Ian has demonstrated expertise, professionalism, flexibility and a willingness to help. Whether my query has required a 30 second answer or a more detailed response, Ian has consistently delivered to the highest of standards. He is absolutely a worthy nominee.”

“I worked with Ian now across a number companies. He has never failed to deliver. Pleased to nominate him.”

Ian commented “I am pleased to be nominated and reach the final list based on voting by SLMA members and even more pleased to be the first from the UK to make the top 10 in the years these awards have been running.”

Ian’s winning profile can be viewed here. Photos of all the winners for the annual election and nomination forms are available for viewing by going to the SLMA site. Only SLMA members were allowed to nominate and vote for up to three people. The video of the winners can be viewed here.


About Ian Moyse

Ian has been in sales and sales management for over 25 years with a strong track record in both large and small companies. He is the 4th most connected person on LinkedIn worldwide and runs one of the largest Channel Sales Groups on the site. He sits on the board of Eurocloud UK and the Governance Board of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

Ian was awarded the global ‘All Business Sales AllStar Award for 2010’ and the ‘European Channel Personality of the Year Award for 2011’. Ian was named by TalkinCloud as one of the global top 200 cloud channel experts in 2011 and listed on the MSPMentor top 250 list for 2011 which tracks the world's top managed services experts, entrepreneurs and executives. He was also awarded the accolade of Channelnomics 2011 Influencer of the year for Europe and was listed in the top 25 of the worldwide SMB Nation 150 Channel Influencers list in both 2012 and 2013. Ian was twice runner up in the Network Computing Contribution to IT award in both 2013 & 2014.

Recently he was shortlisted to the final 7 of the 2014 UK Sales Director of the year category in the Institute of Sales and Marketing Awards, with awards being announced in 2015.


About Workbooks

Founded in 2007 in the UK by a successful team of entrepreneurs, has rapidly become one of the fastest growing providers of web-based CRM and Business Applications.

Our suite of Business Applications are specifically designed for small and mid-size organisations and are delivered via Software-as-a-Service, therefore removing the traditional requirements of having hardware to maintain and software to install and support.

Our joined-up approach to business means Workbooks CRM and Workbooks Business can help to streamline your whole business, increasing productivity and performance through efficiency gains. Not only can our suite of applications help you to increase sales and track key business information but they’ll help improve your quality of service and reduce your operational costs.

Our customer base spans many industry sectors including Finance, Professional Services, Insurance, Not-for-profit organisations, IT, Telecommunications, Construction, Transport & Logistics and Manufacturing. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding levels of customer commitment and customer service. As a UK based company, with our engineering team working alongside our support team, we are on hand to respond quickly and efficiently to any questions that may arise.


About the Sales Lead Management Association

The mission of the Sales Lead Management Association is to help companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads. The SLMA has 8,454 worldwide members, and its website includes 300-plus articles from 60 industry authors. Activities throughout the year include an active blog, recognition for the ‘20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management’, the election of the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management, the SLMALive Radio Channel producing marketing and sales shows for at-work listeners, and an SLMA Weekly Radio program. SLMA Internet Radio has interviewed 342 executives on 242 programs. Sponsorship programs are available. For more information about SLMA or the ‘Top 50’ list, call Sue Campanale at 360 933 1259.

Dec 10,2014 by Anonymous

Improved reporting enables Good Salon Guide to evolve its sales model after implementing for its online CRM

The Good Salon Guide is the only independent, nationwide scheme for assessing professional standards and services within the hairdressing industry. The 2,000+ salons listed in the guide are rated by professionally trained inspectors against a set of criteria, similar to the process undertaken by AA or RAC hotel guides. For salons, the value of the scheme’s membership – which is paid for by monthly subscription – extends beyond the additional promotion and stamp of consumer confidence to include advice and guidance on business issues and access to money saving offers. 
Streamlining salon engagement
With 34,000 salons in the UK and Northern Ireland, the Good Salon Guide was in need of an online CRM solution to offer its remote sale teams access to a central customer database of clients and prospect information, and to better manage marketing activities.
Previously, the company used a Microsoft Access database that held customer information at head office and sales staff managed their own activities without either central visibility or control. Since the implementation of Workbooks CRM, the Good Salon Guide has seen vast improvements in reporting and evolved its sales incentive model from customer number to customer value. 
The online CRM system is now a fundamental part of the day-to-day process for both sales and head office staff, from the creation of a new client file to recording every single interaction with salons. By improving the quality and timeliness of customer information, all Good Salon Guide’s staff can also better engage with customers.
Using Workbooks, The Good Salon Guide can effectively:
  • Track sales through a four stage process from initial presentation to closure, compared to previously only knowing only if the business had been won or lost.
  • Compare the performance of sales staff and identify problems in the sales process.
  • Offer accurate forecasting and pipeline management.
  • Incentivise sales staff on the value of new business not just sales targets.
  • Focus on detailed customer segmentation to improve marketing campaigns.
  • Exploit the Workbooks API to integrate with the Good Salon Guide website to track the page views of each customer.
Workbooks for the future
The Good Salon Guide plans to integrate its Sage accounting package and direct debit software in the future to create a seamless, end to end business process for managing customer interactions. Gareth Penn, Managing Director, of the Good Salon Guide, says, “We now have more knowledge about all the potential business in an area than ever before; Workbooks will enable the Good Salon Guide to be far more thorough in both sales and marketing and I genuinely believe this will lead to both a growth in new business and improvement in customer retention.”

Click the button below to read the full Good Salon Guide case study and find out how an online CRM system from Workbooks can assist your business.