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Export and backup

External Posted: 2014-07-02 02:24


I have a few questions in relation to workbook functionality.

1. I have noticed that  you provide 7 days backup of database. If we want to have off-site backup meaning that we would like to keep the backups on our server as well. Just to make sure we will not lose any data when disaster happends. Could you please let me know it is possible to keep both backup on your server and our server and how we can do this?

2. We would like to know every section is exportable  such as activity, organization and people etc. Our goal is to export any data from workbook into readable file format on a PC when it is required.

3. Does import support for outlook contacts? we have around 400 contacts in our exchange server and I would like to know how Workbook can import outlook contacts into its web-based system.

Workbooks Support Posted: Wed, 02.07.2014 - 08:50


Thanks for posting on the forums.

To answer points 1 and 2, we do carry out automatic backups once a week which are stored on our secure servers. We have a failover system which means that if a database server within our robust infrastructure does happen to malfunction then you will only temporarily lose access to your data for a matter of minutes while the system switches over.

If you'd like to take your own backup of your data then you can do so from within the configuration menu of Workbooks. I'd recommend taking a look at our knowledge base article on how to export your database here. We offer customers the ability to export their data in CSV or SQL format.

In regards to point 3, you can import people records into Workbooks providing that the original source file is in CSV format. The minimum information that is required to create a person record is Workbooks is their name but I'd also recommend that you also include an email address at a minimum as the import process requires you to use a unique value to de-duplicate on. More information on the importing tool is available here on our Knowledge Base and on our Forums here.

I hope that helps but if I can be of any further assistance then please do let me know.

Kind Regards

Jamie Lowe

Customer Support Analyst