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Why does my image not always display on my PDF?

Workbooks Support Posted: 2016-06-06 16:27

A lot of our customers may add images to a PDF, for example you may add an image of the item that is being sold. If this image is stored in the Upload Library in Workbooks, you may find that the image only displays on the output PDF about 50% of the time.

This is due to the way the image is fetched, but is easy to resolve; you simply need to amend the URL that you use to point to the image.

If this URL is hard coded into the PDF template, you will need to amend the XSL code of the template. If the URL is stored on the record that you generate the PDF from, or in a parameter for example, then you simply need to amend it there. Do not try to change the URL from within the Upload Library.

If your image URL is in the format:

then amend the part to http://localhost:3080/

Similarly, if the URL is in the format

then amend the part to http://localhost:3080/

This will ensure that the image is always fetched from the right place and will always display on your PDF.