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Marking customers as "suspended"

Workbooks Support Posted: 2012-05-01 09:24

Workbooks allows you to create and edit Agreements you have between your Own Organisation(s) and your customers. This might be simply to change information about, say, their invoice address, or it might be to Suspend or Close off the Agreement they have with you.

To make changes, open the Agreements tab on one of your customer's records and open the Agreement.

Once you have opened the Agreement you can change the status.

If a customer has been marked as Suspended or Closed you will be presented with the following message if you try to post an order where they are marked as the customer.


Workbooks Support Posted: Wed, 06.03.2013 - 09:19

In some situations you might want to give all users to be able to mark a Person or an Organisation as being a customer of your Own Organisation (for which they need the 'Relate own organisation CRM customer' capability) but restrict the ability to change the details on the actual Agreement to, say, just users in the Finance team.

To achieve this you could create two form layouts for People and/or Organisations. One should show the checkbox that can be ticked to mark the Person or Organisation as being a customer, but should have the Agreements tab hidden. This is the one that you should share with users who you don't want to be able to change the Agreement. The other should show both the checkbox and the Agreements tab and that layout should be shared with the users who you do want to be able to change the details of the Agreement.