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Unable to login to Workbooks?

Workbooks Support Posted: 2014-09-03 10:00

If you find yourself unable to login in to Workbooks it could be for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Incorrect credentials
  • Forgotten password
  • User account not activated
  • User account not enabled
  • User account deleted
  • User account not assigned a valid license
  • Browser issue
  • Database being restored from archive

Incorrect Credentials

If you try to login with the incorrect credentials, you'll receive the error below:

Ensure that your Workbooks login email address is typed correctly and that your password is correct - if you cannot remember your password, then go to the next section.

Forgotten Password

Usually the quickest way to get your password reset is to ask your System Administrator to change it for you. For more information about the forgotten password process, click here

User Account Not Activated

When a new user is created in Workbooks, an activation email is sent to that login email address which will contain an activation link. Before it is possible to login, the account will need to be activated by clicking the link found in this email. Your System Administrator can check the activation status or re-send the activation email from the User record.

User Account Not Enabled

A user may not be able to login because their account is not enabled. Again a System Administrator can easily check this and enable the account by checking the Login Enabled box in the User record. 

Note that if a User who is not enabled tries to login via the Forgotten password process, they will reach an error similar to the one below: 

User account not assigned a valid license

In order to login to Workbooks, every User must be assigned a valid Workbooks license.

It is worth noting that if a User is assigned a Trial License that then expires, they will be unable to log in. If this is the case, the name of the Trial License will still be populated in the Allocated Edition field. However, the values in the Allocated Edition picklist will only be Licences that are currently available for use, and one of these will need to be selected.

User Account Deleted

You may not be able to login because your user account has been deleted, the first step would be to contact your System Administrator to see what the status of your account is.

If you are a free user and have not accessed your data in over 90 days, for data protection reasons, due to a extended inactivity it is likely that your database would have been permanently deleted. This is outlined in our terms of service found here.

Browser Issue

Sometimes an issue with the cache or cookies in a browser can cause problems when trying to login. Clearing browser data or logging in with a different browser has been known to resolve this issue before.

Database being restored from archive

If your database has not been used for 30 days it will be archived. When you try and log into an archived database, it can take up to 30 minutes for the database to be restored and during this period you will not be able to log in.