Sales Quotas

Sales Quotas

Sales Quotas are the targets identified for each salesperson for a specific financial year, broken down by the financial periods set by your System Administrator. (Typically these are monthly periods but could be quarterly).  Quotas can only be set up for salespeople with a Workbooks login.

To create a new series of sales Quotas:

This will generate a dialogue box where you can specify the financial year and the salesperson for whom you want to set up Quotas (targets) for the year. Once you've chosen the right combination of Period and Assigned to from the dropdown picklists, click Create Sales Quota.

The next screen lists all the financial periods for the specified year. Click under Revenue on the financial period for which you want to set a revenue target and enter the target figure. Similarly, if you want to set a target for Gross Margin, click in that column and enter the target Gross Margin. Continue down the rows entering the Revenue and Gross Margin targets that you've set.

Remember to click Save & Close when you've entered all the figures.