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Using the Mobile App

In this section, you will find information regarding the Workbooks Mobile app. Click the links below to navigate to a particular section:

Logging in / Logging out of Workbooks Mobile

You will be prompted to login to the Workbooks Mobile application in the same way as the Desktop version. You should use the same credentials (email address and password) which will present a list of any databases to which you have access.


NOTE: You are unable to login using your Google credentials. This feature only works on the Workbooks Desktop.

You will remain logged in until you quit the application on your mobile device or you choose to logout via the menu. Slide right from the top left of the app to reveal the menu:

Mobile app menu

Tap the cog icon to return to the Home Screen, view information about your current session and logout of Workbooks:

Mobile app navigator menu

Alternatively, your session expires after 8 hours and you will be automatically logged out. 

Home Screen

Once logged into the Workbooks Mobile app, you are presented with a Home Screen rather than the Windows-style desktop and Start menu.

Mobile app home screen

On this menu, you will only see the Record Types that you have Capabilities and Permissions to view, modify or delete. A menu is available by sliding right or tapping on the top left of the screen:

Mobile app menu

General Navigation

Creating new records:

You can create new records in the Mobile app by visiting a record's Landing Page from the Home screen. From here, click the plus button on the top right of the screen as shown below:

Creating new records

If you have any Record Templates configured for Mobile, you will prompted to select one, otherwise you will see a blank record. See the section "Form Layouts, Layout Rules & Record Templates" for more information.

Updating records:

Most records can be edited in the Workbooks Mobile app. Open any record and tap the edit button.

Updating records

NOTE: Remember to tap "Save" again when you are finished to commit your changes.

Saving records

Watching records:

You can "Watch" a record in Workbooks by tapping the star icon from within the record or from a Grid View as shown below:


Filtering & Searching

The Workbooks Mobile app allows you to filter on name only from within each Record Type's Grid View. Tap the box on the right of the screen to do this:

Filter and search (app)

Tabs in Records

The tabs on records within the Workbooks Desktop are represented by buttons within the Workbooks Mobile app as shown below:

Tabs in records

You can scroll across to see the following record types related to the current record:

  • Notes
  • Activities including Tasks and Meetings
  • Emails
  • People
  • Organisations
  • Opportunities
  • Transaction Documents
  • Cases


Custom views are available in Workbooks Mobile. They should be created on the desktop prior to using the mobile app, when you next login the new views will be visible. Grid views will always display the first 50 results, regardless of your desktop user preference settings.

You can change the view in the mobile app by tapping the down arrow and then selecting from the list of available views as shown below:


NOTE: Calendar views are not available on Workbooks Mobile.

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