May 2011 Release

May 2011 Release

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Spring 2011 (May) Release

The Spring 2011 release of Workbooks was deployed on Friday 3rd June. The release includes some significant new functionality, including the ability to update records using import and right-click functionality to support copy, paste and spell-checking, as well as enhancements to existing functionality and the resolution of a number of bugs.  More information is given below.

Update through Import

You can now use Workbooks Import functionality to update fields on existing records.  For example, data that has been taken out of Workbooks for cleansing can be imported and the amended data used to update the existing information. Using the update mode you can choose between simply updating existing records or updating existing ones AND, if a record doesn’t already exist, creating a new one. Click here for more information.

Full Database Export

In response to customer requests it’s now possible for users with the appropriate capability to download the whole database.  The data will be exported as a TGZ archive file, which is a compressed file, containing CSV files which hold the data about your different record types.  Of course, we’ll continue to backup your data and keep it secure but now you can choose to export your data too.  You’ll find information on how to do this here.

Export to Excel and CSV

Previously there was a limit on the number of rows that can be exported to Excel  or to CSV (1,000 rows).   Again, in response to customer requests, this limit has been removed so you can export data from grids much more easily.

Quick Start Guide

To make the initial set up of Workbooks easier, we’ve added a Quick Start Wizard to guide you through setting up your Own Organisation, including your Tax Regime, Home Currency, Foreign Currencies, Company Registration Number and Accounting Periods.  If you’ve already set up your database you won’t see this Wizard, although it will be available if you create a new database.

Spell-Checking functionality

One of the most popular enhancement requests we receive is to include a spell checker.  We’ve added access to the browsers right-click functionality, which allows you to copy and paste (rather than using Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) and gives you access to the browsers spelling checker.  (Note, availability of spell checking is browser specific, a spell checker is included in Chrome, Firefox and Safari, for Internet Explorer you need to install a third party plug-in)   To access this functionality on standard fields, use right click.  When using the rich text editor you need to hold down the Control key (or Command key on a Mac) and right click the mouse.

Internet Explorer 9 support

Workbooks can be used with any of the main browsers:  Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera and up until now, for reasons of speed of performance, we’ve recommended using either Chrome or Safari.  This release adds support for the recently introduced Internet Explorer 9. Significant Performance improvements within Internet Explorer 9 allow us to now recommend it  for use with Workbooks.

Email Roll-Up

On an Organisation record, we have extended the email tab so it now shows all emails sent to or from Employees of that Organisation.  This allows you easily to see email correspondence between your staff and your customer in one place.

Other Enhancements

In addition to the aforementioned enhancements, many parts of the service have seen incremental improvement, often as a result of customer feedback. As ever, please continue to help drive our roadmap by contributing your suggestions on our Ideas community site.