September 2011 Release

September 2013 Release

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Summer 2011 (September) Release

The Summer 2011 release of Workbooks was deployed on Friday 2nd September. The release includes some very significant new functionality as well as enhancements to existing functionality and the resolution of a number of bugs. 

Email Marketing

In response to a large number of customer requests we’ve enhanced our marketing functionality to include support for sending personalised emails to multiple recipients as part of our new Campaign Mail Shot feature.  This feature includes the ability for recipients to unsubscribe from specific Campaigns.  Recipients may also opt out altogether and will automatically be unsubscribed from all Campaigns, making the management of subscriptions much easier. Mail Shots use templates which can include placeholders that merge values from the recipient’s record into the email so that each recipient receives a personalised version of the mail. We are still working on integration with Mailchimp, which will include advanced functionality like split testing, anti-spam testing, click-through tracking and bounce management.  This will form part of a future release.

Sending Emails from Alternative Addresses

Many users have requested that we add the ability to send email from Workbooks that look like the mail has been sent from an email address other than the user’s normal login address.  This release allows customers to do just that, as long as they are using their own SMTP email server to send emails.


As already mentioned we’ve improved the template functionality to enable users to create templates for Mail Shots and Google Docs (coming soon).  In addition users will be able to define templates for Notes, thus standardising the layout of information, where appropriate.  

Importing Transaction Documents

The import functionality has been extended to include the ability to import and update the whole range of Transaction Documents including Quotations, Customer Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes and Supplier Orders, as well as the line items for these documents.

Object References available on Activities

Unique Object References will be generated automatically for all new Activities – both Tasks and Meetings.   Not only does this make the identification of individual Activities easier, it also enables the update of Activity records via import.

Link URL Note

We’ve extended the functionality of Notes so that they can now include a URL link for an external website.   The destination website will appear within the body of the Note (using an iFrame) or users can click on a link to open the website in a new tab.

Personalising Printed Output and the Workbooks Desktop

Administrators can personalise the look of the Workbooks desktop and of printed output by replacing the default Workbooks logo with an image of your choice.

Reporting on Records Assigned to the Current User

This release includes the ability to build a report that includes criteria which only returns records that are assigned to the person running the report.   This means that you only need to create a single report to share with users rather than several variants of the same report that use different criteria for different users.

Copying Reports

We’ve fixed a bug within reporting which manifested itself when creating a report by copying an existing one; the copied report now correctly includes any calculated criteria so these no longer have to be re-entered.