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Setting up and configuring the Modern Theme in Workbooks

Note: These steps can only be completed by a User with System Admin Capabilities. 

By default, all users will be set to use whichever theme is selected within Start > Configuration > Customisation > Desktop Preferences. If you select the Modern theme here with taskbar on bottom, all users in Workbooks will also have these same settings applied.

Settings available

The below settings are available within Start > Configuration > Customisation > Desktop Preferences.


This is the Theme that will be used. If set within Configuration, it will apply to all users logging into that Database. If set within Preferences, then it will only be applied for that user. A System Administrator needs to enable themes to be selected by Users by checking Users can choose their Look & Feel - See Enabling Users to Choose their Theme below.

Taskbar position

This option is only available when the Modern Theme is selected. In the Modern Theme, you can select whether to have the taskbar along the bottom (like Classic), across the top or to the left. 

Collapse buttons

Be default in Modern, we'll group all open windows of the same type together, and then include a count of the total in the taskbar. You can uncheck this box to show each window separately across the taskbar instead (like Classic). This option is also only available in the Modern theme.

Shortcut layout

You can select whether to have your Desktop shortcuts ordered across the top, left to right (Horzontal) or top to bottom (Vertical). 

Display a custom wallpaper

Checking this box opens a new Section which allows you to choose an image file to be set as a background. Unchecking this box allows you to choose from a number of Wallpapers that come within Workbooks. You can specify a wallpaper for all users here, or you can allow Users to choose their own wallpaper by selecting that box - See Enabling Users to Choose their Theme below.

Wallpaper style

By default your wallpaper image will be stretched across the background, but you can change this to tile it, include it in a specific corner or use the original size and place it in the centre of the desktop. 

Desktop text

This will change the text that appears below the desktop icons. The 'Light' option makes the text white, and typically works best if you have darker backgrounds. If you have chosen a lighter background, you may prefer the 'Dark' option, which makes the text black and is best suited for lighter backgrounds. 

Display a company logo

You can upload your own company logo within this section - it will appear in the same resolution that you upload it, so you should upload it in the size that you prefer, and it usually looks better if you have a transparent background. 


Enabling Users to Choose their Theme

To allow each user to choose whether they want to use the Classic or Modern theme etc, you should tick Users can change their Look & Feel within Start > Configuration > Customisation > Desktop Preferences. This will only allow them the option to select the Theme, Toolbar position and Shortcut layout.


At the bottom of the Wallpaper section you will have the option to allow Users to change their Wallpaper. By selecting this box, Users will be able to go to their own Preferences (Start > Preferences) and choose their background.


Note: Users will need to log out and back in again to be able to select the options in their Preferences.


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