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Setting up the Integration

Prerequisite: You will require a GatorMail licence in order to follow these steps. If you do not have this licence and are interested in using GatorMail, please contact

GatorMail Setup

Support will be notified when the GatorMail licence has been added to your Contract. They will need to know the domain you will be using within GatorMail (this is normally different from your main business domain). For example, our website domain is, and is the domain we use to send all business communication through, however we send marketing communication from - this is common practice and one of the main reasons for this is to avoid getting your main domain blacklisted in error.

If you don’t have a domain that you use, then one can be supplied to you from CommuniGator. The format would generally be, so if you would prefer to have a different format, then you would need to purchase a new domain name. In some cases, it may be better to use a new domain name, and this is because your old one may be picked up by spam filters regularly. You can check the score for your domain name using a number of online sender reputation measurement tools, such as, that can advise you on your domains current reputation.

Linking your GatorMail Account with Workbooks

Once your GatorMail account has been set up, the Workbooks Database and GatorMail account will be linked via an API key. Support will generate one of these for you and send across to CommuniGator to link up your database to your account.

The API Key will be set up with the minimum Capabilities required for the integration to work (i.e. not unrestricted). These Capabilities are as per the screenshot below;