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Creating a Web Key


If you want to receive Notifications when a Case or Lead is added to a Queue via Web2Case or Web2Lead, make sure you're NOT set as the creator when creating the web key.

Click Start > Configuration> Email & Integration > Web Integration > New Lead Key or New Case Key.

Select a user or queue using the dropdown picklist next to Queue to assign to.  This determines who any Leads or Cases submitted using this form are assigned to.

Select a user's name from the dropdown picklist next to Created by.  This is the user in whose name the Case or Lead will be created.

NOTE:  If you delete or disable a user who has been used in a Web Key as the creator of a record, the records will no longer be generated.  In this circumstance, you should edit the Web Key and recreate the web form.

Click Save & Close.  The new key will now appear in the grid on the right.  Click on the key to open it and click on Form.

web key 1

This will download an HTML form that can be used on your website. Your developer will, most probably, want to edit the form so that only the relevant fields are shown on the resulting form.

NOTE: It is important that the web key is not removed from your form. This is a unique key that will be used to authenticate into your Workbooks database and create records. When looking at the HTML code, the web key will look something like the below:

<input type ='hidden' name='web_key' value='75e7c935f5ecdfa62275c8c646c3bc8e8dabc51c' />

If your Case or Lead record contains custom fields these will appear on the resulting web form, but only if the show by default checkbox on the custom field has been ticked.

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