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How to filter out visitors such as partners and customers

Sam (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2017-05-22 13:34

Note: These steps are demonstrated on Web Insights reports, which use the Web Insights module, but the principles are transferable to other report types.

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When building reports, you might want to exclude certain types of visitors in the list. For example, your Sales Team won’t want to see anyone that is already a Customer, but your Account Management team will only want to see existing customer, and both teams probably won’t want to see Suppliers, or your Own Organisation in the list.

Below, we have outlined how you would exclude these types of visitors from your reports. If the reports are the same for each team, and it is only the Criteria that is changing, we would recommend that you create Summary Views for each team and apply the Criteria to the Summary Views rather than the Details View.

Note: The instructions below assume your report is based on Organisations. If your report is based on People, then you will need to drill through Employer (main) first.


Excluding your own Organisation

To exclude your own Organisation, you will need to add Criteria which excludes Organisations with the reference ORG-1.


Excluding Existing Customers

To exclude existing customers, you will need to exclude any Organisations to whom your Own Organisation is a supplier. You can achieve this by drilling through Suppliers > Is own Organisation.


Note: If your report is based on People and your customer relationship is with that person (B2C), then you just need to drill through Suppliers > Is own Organisation, as you would with a report based on Organisations.


Excluding Suppliers

To exclude suppliers, you will need to exclude any Organisations to whom your Own Organisation is a customer. You can achieve this by drilling through Customers (organisations) > Is own Organisation.