Workbooks Releases

Continuous Improvement

At Workbooks we enhance our products based on customer feedback. We actively encourage customers to suggest new ideas and provide tools for customers to vote on the features they would most like to see in the product. You can visit the ideas section to see the current list.

We typically run a 3-4 month development cycle and this agile approach to development allows us to respond quickly to market demands and to feedback from our customers.

The improvements currently in engineering are: 

dotmailer Improvements - Selecting Templates

We are improving the dotmailer connector to streamline integration.  The new connector will allow you to select the dotmailer template as part of integrating a Workbooks campaign.  This will stop users having to 'copy and paste' the template HTML once the dotmailer mailshot is created.

Zapier Integration - Beta Program now Available

We are connecting Workbooks to Zapier, which is an integration platform allowing you to connect Workbooks to lots of other different systems. The basic concept is that vendors like Workbooks develop a connection to Zapier and our customers can use that to build workflows which connect two different cloud-based systems. Zapier calls these workflows 'Zaps'. Zaps are a combination of Triggers (something happens) and Actions (do something in another system) and we will support both. We will support a range of Triggers in Workbooks such as:

  • New Person created;
  • New Lead created;
  • New Organisation created;
  • New Quotation / Order / Invoice created;
  • New Case created;

and a range of Actions:

  • Create new Person;
  • Create new Lead;
  • Create new Organisation;
  • Create new Quotation / Order / Invoice;
  • Create new Case.

These can be used with the thousands of other Triggers / Actions supported by hundreds of vendors to build Zaps, connecting Workbooks to other systems.

Building Zaps isn't too complex; you don't need to be a software engineer. It's a configuration exercise mapping fields between different systems, much like our importing tool. In our testing we have easily built Zaps which push Invoices into Xero, the cloud-based accounting system.

Please contact if you would like to join the beta program.

User Interface Improvements

We are making a number of changes to our user interface technology over the next couple of releases.  This will provide significent benefits to the platform including the ability to provide a common UI across desktop, tablet and phone.  The changes will also improve the performance on the web desktop client.