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Workbooks Releases

Continuous Improvement

At Workbooks we enhance our products based on customer feedback. We actively encourage customers to suggest new ideas and provide tools for customers to vote on the features they would most like to see in the product. You can visit the ideas section to see the current list.

We typically run a 3-4 month development cycle and this agile approach to development allows us to respond quickly to market demands and to feedback from our customers.

The improvements currently in engineering are: 

Google Calendar Synchronisation

We have built the ability to synchronise Workbooks Meeting records with your Google calendar.  This allows you to create meetings in Workbooks and have these meeting appear in your Google calendar.  If you add attendees to a meeting record in Workbooks these will be synchronised across to Google. The Google calendar will also send the meeting requests to the attendees.  The integration will maintain the attendee status between both systems. 

The engineering work is now complete and the functionality will be available for beta testing in late April.  If you would be interested in using this functionality and becoming part of our beta program, please contact us at 

Constrained DLIs

We have extended the capabilities of Dynamic Linked Items so you can constrain the picklist of results using a value from a form field.   This is very useful to reduce the amount of search results returned by a DLI report to only include entries that are relevant.  For example if you want a DLI on an organisation record for the finance contact, you will be able to constrain the report to only include people that are 'Employed' by the organisation by passing the organisation field into the report as a constraint. 

Change Employer Wizard

When you change (or delete) the employer field from a person record, Workbooks will launch a short wizard to help you make all the right changes to the CRM system.  It will ask you when they left their previous employer and will create the 'previously employed by' relationship and also prompt you to archive their previous work email address and contact details.  This wizard will make it easier for you to deal with people who have left, rather than just putting (LEFT) in brackets after their surname!

Import Template Generator

Using the Importing tool you can now generate import templates to make it easier to load your data into Workbooks.  The import template generator will create a CSV file with the correct column heads into which you can populate your data.  The templates will create columns for all the standard fields and any custom fields you might have generated.  You can even generate import templates based on page layouts, which will only include the fields which are relevant for a specific page layout. 

Bank Account Validation

We are integrating Workbooks with Postcode Anywhere's bank validation service.  So if you are storing Bank Account details we can check these are valid within the Workbooks environment.

Configuration Audit

We have extended the audit functionality so that changes to the configuration of Workbooks is also audited, this means you can see who added a custom field and when.

Mobile Client

Engineering has started on the next release of the Mobile Client. This introduces a new user interface which will adapt to page layouts and views configured on your database. It extends support to view all the major record types and will enable users to create and edit most of them, it also allows you to view dashboard reports and charts. This release works in online mode only as a web app on Apple iOS, recent versions of Android and recent versions of Windows Phone.

Workbooks to Exchange Synchronise Service (WESS) 

We are developing a new method to synchronise information directly between Microsoft's Exchange Server and Workbooks as an alternative to the Outlook Connector.   We have built a platform which connects directly to customers' Exchange servers and will synchronise contacts, Meetings, Tasks and ultimately Emails directly between Exchange and Workbooks.

This approach means we can support all Exchange clients including: Outlook (including those on Citrix), Mac Users, Outlook Web Access and users on mobile devices.   We have completed the 1st phase of this engineering and are now looking for more clients to help us test and develop the functionality.  The initial phase supports the synchronisation of Contacts between Outlook and Workbooks only.  Support for Meetings, Tasks and Email will be provided later in the year.

if you are interested in joining our beta program, please contact us at