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Workbooks Releases

Continuous Improvement

At Workbooks we enhance our products based on customer feedback. We actively encourage customers to suggest new ideas and provide tools for customers to vote on the features they would most like to see in the product. You can visit the ideas section to see the current list.

We typically run a 3-4 month development cycle and this agile approach to development allows us to respond quickly to market demands and to feedback from our customers.

The improvements currently in engineering are: 

Calendar improvements and Google Calendar Sync

We are implementing a number of enhancements relating to activities and calendars. When engineering started this feature was the most requested on the Workbooks ideas forum

  • All-day meetings
  • Show lists of date-related records in a calendar view, as an alternative to using a standard 'Grid' view.
  • My Calendar - users can add multiple sets of data to be shown in the same calendar window.
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Invitations to meetings
  • Synchronisation with Google Calendar

The Google Calendar synchronisation will allow you to create meetings and meeting invites in Workbooks, these will then automatically be synchronised into your Google Calendar. Google Calendar will then send out the meeting invitations and handle the responses to those invites in the normal way.  The list of attendees and their status (attending, declined, etc) will be maintained in Google Calendar and synchronised with Workbooks, so you will be able to see the meeting attendees status in Workbooks CRM.

Mobile Client

Engineering has started on the next release of the Mobile Client. This introduces a new user interface which will adapt to page layouts and views configured on your database. It extends support to view all the major record types and will enable users to create and edit most of them, it also allows you to view dashboard reports and charts. This release works in online mode only as a web app on Apple iOS, recent versions of Android and recent versions of Windows Phone.