Workbooks Blog RSS en Should you be worried about GDPR? Rather like exam revision or tax returns, GDPR can inspire an uncomfortable mixture of boredom and fear. 2018-04-18 Workbooks CRM for Media & Publishing The keys to driving subscriptions, content engagement, advertising revenues and ultimately sales in this industry are changing, and to compete and stay relevant, organisations must evolve and leverage the right technologies. 2018-03-28 Workbooks Smoothing the sales cycle path How can an integrated lead to cash CRM solution transform your business? 2018-03-26 Workbooks CRM is just for big corporations, right? When we interviewed a sample of organisations in December 2017 we found a remarkable 30% of them are yet to implement any form of CRM technology. 2018-03-21 Workbooks GDPR - How to process subject access requests and data breaches One of the key changes driven by GDPR is that individual data subjects have more rights and organisations need to make sure they have processes in place to deal with data breaches and more importantly ensure they report them to the right authorities and people within the allowed time. 2018-03-09 Workbooks GDPR - How to best manage suppliers for compliance Under article 25 of GDPR there are obligations to ensure personal data is adequately protected. Under article 28, as the controller, you have the obligation to ensure that data processors have the right technical measures in place to protect that data. 2018-03-07 Workbooks Customer in the spotlight: Caspian Media For the February edition of our ‘Customer in the spotlight’, we are discovering how Caspian Media have embraced CRM to drive business success. 2018-02-05 Workbooks GDPR - A practical view on legal ground(s) for processing personal data Under Article 6 of the European Union's GDPR there is an obligation to ensure that you have lawful grounds to process personal data. 2018-02-01 Workbooks GDPR - the bare essentials GDPR is a new legal framework that comes into force on May 25th 2018. It builds upon the existing Data Protection Act and it imposes more obligations on organisations to protect personal data and higher fines for non-compliance. 2018-02-01 Workbooks Integrating CRM and ERP for manufacturing success Sales and marketing is an increasing focus for manufacturers. Firms are hiring expert marketers and salespeople and building whole teams around them. 2018-01-29 Workbooks Customer in the spotlight: SAV Systems For this month’s edition of our ‘Customer in the spotlight’, we are discovering how SAV Systems have embraced CRM to drive business success. 2018-01-23 Workbooks 5 things to watch out for to ensure CRM success Implementing a CRM system is not without its challenges, particularly for small and mid-size companies that tend to have limited or no dedicated IT teams. Here is a list of the five things to watch out for to ensure CRM success. 2018-01-17 Workbooks CRM Readiness Checklist A successfully implemented CRM solution can deliver tremendous value to your organisation, helping you to grow revenues and reduce operational costs. 2018-01-05 Workbooks Three trends to watch for 2018 As 2017 draws to a close we look back at a year packed with new product releases and a host of exciting new clients, and we turn our thoughts to 2018. We’re expecting to see three major trends gather pace in the year ahead. 2017-12-19 Workbooks Struggling to translate your business outcomes into CRM requirements? In the early days of a CRM project, organisations are often faced with the challenge of translating a list of limitations with current systems and processes into a proposal for a new solution / a CRM solution that will help deliver high-level business objectives. 2017-11-24 Workbooks