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Automating the creation of activities following a change in the customer journey stage

External Posted: 2016-08-05 11:03

Can anyone advise whether it is possible to automate the creation of activities (calls, meetings etc) following a change in the customers journey stage.

We currently operate a customer journey with multiple stages built within it. At each stage we have a requirement to create new activities which are required prior to the customer moving to the next opportunity stage. Ideally we would like workbooks to create these activities automatically following a change in stage. i.e. within a 7 stage customer journey can workbooks pre-create all activities at predetermined stages following the creation of the opportunity within the organisation.

Workbooks Support Posted: Mon, 08.08.2016 - 10:04


Thanks for a great question!

Any of our Customer who are not utilising the Free Version have access to the Automation features within Workbooks. From here it is possible to create an 'On-Change Process' that looks at your Records as you save them. This Process will be able to see if the Status value has changed and then apply the necessary action, whether this be creating Activities with specific values dependant on the change detected or changing values on the Record itself. 

Processes utilise Scripts and although there are many Scripts in the Script library this type of Script will need to be custom built as it needs to meet your specific requirements. If you would like Workbooks to assist you in creating this On Change Process please contact the Support Team at or 0118 3030 101 to allow us to gather the requirements to enable an accurate estimate to be produced.

Kind regards,

Workbooks Support.