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Campaign Wizard Error 'from_email - must be verified to send from it'

Workbooks Support Posted: 2014-09-05 09:29

When you integrate a Workbooks Campaign with Mailchimp, Workbooks not only synchronises the Campaign Members to Mailchimp but also creates a draft Campaign in Mailchimp containing these Members. It creates the draft Campaign with details you enter within the Mailchimp Integration Wizards, such as 'Subject', 'Sender Name' & 'Reply to Email'. The value you enter for 'Reply to Email' is also used as the 'Send From' address for your draft Campaign in Mailchimp.

Occasionally when entering this information into the Campaign Wizard you can receive the following message:

This means that Workbooks is trying to create a draft Campaign with a 'From Address' which hasn't yet been verified within Mailchimp. Mailchimp only allows you to send from verified senders and therefore this step needs to be completed before you can complete the Integration Wizard. You can verify a domain by following this Mailchimp help guide.

Once you've verified your domain, if you go to click 'Next' on the Workbooks Integration Wizard you'll receive the following message.

To successfully integrate the Campaign you need to follow these steps within Workbooks:

1) Close all existing windows and reopen your Marketing Campaign

2) Click on the 'Mailchimp Actions' button and click 'Remove Integration'

3) Click on the 'Mailchimp Integration' button and reintegrate your Campaign

Once you've successfully integrated the Campaign you should see the screen below.