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Capturing Additional Product Information on a Line Item

Workbooks Support Posted: 2014-07-30 11:19

Sometimes a single description box for a Product just isn't enough, or you'd like to capture other additional information about a product on the line item of a record. Using Line Item Custom Fields it's possible to add any additional information found in a custom field of a Product so that it can viewed in a column on the line item of an Opportunity, Quotation, Order or other transaction documents.

For example, you may wish to display this Detailed Description custom field on a line item on your Opportunities and Quotations (click to enlarge):

To do this you must firstly create your desired custom field on the Product record type.

Now go to Customise Opportunity, select the Line Items Custom Fields tab and create an identical copy of the custom field created for the product, i.e., a custom field with the same name and data type.

By copying the custom field on the Opportunity verbatim, a link will be created which will pull through information found on your Product onto its respective line item. Remember you'll need to add a column to display the Line Item Custom Field you've added - also save the view to keep the column orders preserved.

Now you'll be able to see data captured on your Product on the line item of an Opportunity.

To extend this to quotations and beyond, simply create another Line Item Custom Field in the exact same way as described for the opportunity in Customise Quotation. When you click the copy document from an opportunity, the Detail Description line item information will be carried through.

This concept can be extended into Output PDFs. It's possible to modify PDF templates to include custom place holders which will output the data of this custom field on the document. If you would like a quotation for this type of work, please contact support with your precise requirements.