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Creating a custom PDF - doesn't show

External Posted: 2014-10-09 17:19


I've created a custom field for orders, called Payment terms, it works on the order screen and I can now add terms per order..


I now want that to show on printed ORDs

I've addd it to here.. you can see it on the 3rd line


However, when I generate a PDF, it's not there.. am I missing a step?



Workbooks Support Posted: Fri, 10.10.2014 - 09:44

Hi Adam,

When you create a custom field in Workbooks, it doesn't automatically appear on the PDF output document. You actually need to modify the XSL stylesheet to reference the new field and position it within your PDF. An example of this is below:

<fo:block linefeed-treatment="preserve">


      <xsl:value-of select="/hash/plain_party_linked_item/street_address"/>



The select atrribute of the XSL value-of is defined by looking at the XML generated from the Order document in Workbooks. To obtain the XML, we have more information on how to do this here.