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Integrating with LinkedIn to show Profiles on People and Leads

Workbooks Support Posted: 2013-04-29 13:39

You can add an iFrame field on People and Sales Lead records within Workbooks which shows a snapshot of their LinkedIn profile.  


Workbooks provides a Plugin to install Linkedin to your database. To install the script click "Start -> Configuration -> Automation -> Plugins -> Add Plugin"

From here, ensure that you select "Script Library" and "Linkedin" from the list:


Click "Install" when you are ready. The plugin gives you the option to install on both People and Leads at the same time and will create the following configuration automatically:

  • Custom Fields called "Linkedin Profile" (to display the profile information) & "LinkedIn URL" (to enter the URL to the Person or Lead's public profile).
  • Web Process called "Linkedin"

The plugin creates the fields as hidden by default as to not affect your existing Form Layouts. You will need to manually configure the section on each of the relevant Form Layouts.


Alternatively... you can create the configuration manually using the steps below. When adding the iFrame to your database, it is recommended that you follow the naming convention as detailed within the screenshots below.

Step 1 - Set up the Web Process

Firstly, you need to create the web process that will run within the iFrame to generate the LinkedIn profile page.

Go to Start > Configuration > Automation > Scripts > My Scripts > Linkedin plugin. If you cannot see the Linkedin plugin script here, open the Script Library tab, open the script there and click Copy to My Scripts.

When the script is in your Script library, you can create the web process.

Go to Automation > Processes > Web Processes > New Web Process and fill in the fields as screenshot below. Remember to click Save.

Step 2 - Setting up LinkedIn URL field

The next step is to create the LinkedIn URL field, this should be done before creating the iFrame field.

Start > Configuration > Customisation > Record Types > People > Custom Fields > New Custom Field. Create a custom field of type URL as shown in the screenshot below. Click Save, which will make the field name (not the label) appear. Copy this onto your clipboard. Now you can close this window.

Step 3 - Setting up the iFrame custom field

The final step is to create the iFrame custom field, for this step you will need to enter the URL (as described below).

Staying within the Person customisation window, add another Custom field of type, iFrame.

Within the URL field, copy and paste the URL that you created during Step 1(which can be found on the Web Process).

The iFrame URL must now reference the URL custom field, which is done by adding the following text and the URL custom field reference (The full URL is detailed within the screenshot below):

  • '?linkedin_url=@cf_person_linkedin@'

Save & Close all windows when complete.

You will now see a Linked in URL and iFrame on People. In order for the iFrame to work, remember to enter the relevant public LinkedIn URL (this can be found on the Users LinkedIn profile).