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Error with Integration: Name Has Already Been Taken

Workbooks Support Posted: 2013-10-15 08:31

We have recently come across the error message "Name has already been taken" when trying to set up the integration with Mailchimp. After some investigation from the engineering team, we found that the cause of this was because the integration had previously been set up by another user.

When the integration is initially set up by a user (typically a system administrator) two scheduled processes called "_sync to the mailchimp list" and "_sync mailchimp campaigns" are created. The owner of these processes is set to the user who is configuring the integration.

If the integration with Mailchimp is removed at any point and then later on re-configured, you may come across the error message which says "Name has already been taken".

The error message can easily be resolved by asking your system administrator to change the owner of the process to the person that is setting up the new integration OR they can simply remove the two processes completely to start a fresh integration.

To change the owner of the process click Start > Configuration > Automation > Processes > Scheduled Processes. Open up each of the Mailchimp processes and click the sharing padlock. Choose a new owner from the picklist and save this.