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Google Apps integration

Workbooks Support Posted: 2012-06-21 22:07

Integrating Workbooks and Google Apps is straightforward. Follow these steps: 

  • Add Workbooks to your Google Apps domain (find us on the Google Apps Marketplace - here).
  • A URL appears in your navigation menu in Google Apps. It will be - if you want to save this as a bookmark on your browser bookmarks' bar that is convenient and means you don't have to be in Google Apps to use it.
  • Use that bookmark or the Google Apps navigation menu to login to Workbooks. If you haven't logged in using this mechanism before then on the first occasion only you're asked for your username and password to associate your Google login with your Workbooks login.
  • Now you're in Workbooks there are extra menu items allowing you to create Google Docs and access them.
Give it a go; it's simpler than it sounds - or take a look at this video.
Team Posted: Mon, 26.09.2016 - 02:36

Why can I know longer find Workbooks as it own google app to implement - I don't want to pay for Pie Sync just to get google docs through workbooks- Please advise what to do

Greta (Workbooks Online) Posted: Tue, 14.02.2017 - 13:22


Apologies, it looks like the link to Google Apps Marketplace is directing to G Suite Marketplace. Here is the correct link below:

Kind regards,

Workbooks Support