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How to collect the Outlook Connector Logs

Workbooks Support Posted: 2014-08-22 12:36

If you are having issues with your Outlook Connector we will often ask for the logs so that we can diagnose the issue further.

General Log

To obtain the General Log, right click on the Outlook Connector icon on the notification area and select Options... 

In the Workbooks Outlook Connector Options window, click the Advanced menu then open the Configure Logging and Reporting window.

To reach the location of the General log, click the View Files button. Then send the log.0000 file to ensuring that you include the case reference in the email subject. 

Detailed Logs

Occasionally when the General Logs do not tell us enough information, we may request more in-depth logs for further analysis. Enable these from the Logging Configuration window then restart Outlook to enable them. 

If you click View Files and go up a folder level, you'll be able to access all the folders where the logs are kept.

Again, send the contents of these folders to with the case reference in the subject so that we can perform further analysis.