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How do I change a user's name and email address?

Workbooks Support Posted: 2011-10-19 14:38

It's a common requirement to need to change a user's email addresses or name.  Usually because an employee has left the company and been replaced by a new employee, or their name has changed.

Follow these simple steps to change a user's email address and name:

  1. StartConfigurationUsers & SecurityUsers > Open the relevant user's record.

  2. Change the Full Name field to the user's new name.

  3. Change the Login Email to the new user's new email address.

  4. Save & Close.

NOTE: Step 3 will generate and send an email with the subject "Your username has changed" to the user's email address.  The user will need to click the "Confirm Username Change" link in the email to activate the new email address.