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How do I edit bank account details in PDF output

External Posted: 2013-02-05 20:48


Can someone tell me how and where I can edit the bank account detail that show in the invoice PDF output please?



Workbooks Support Posted: Wed, 06.02.2013 - 09:25

Hi Marcus

The answer to this will depend on what PDFs you are using? Are you using the standard ones supplied with Workbooks or has there been some customisation of them? If you're not sure, click Start > Configuration > PDF Templates > PDF Templates. The grid on the right will list all the PDF templates on your database. Look in the column for filename and if it says something other than 'unified.xsl', then customisation has taken place.

If your Invoice_Document template uses a file called 'unified.xsl' then you can change the bank details as follows:

To change the bank details on just one template, click on the row to open it and open the tab called Settings. If you want change the bank details for all documents that use bank details, click Default Settings in the column on the left. Either way, you'll then have an option to click Add PDF Template-Specific Setting, which will open a dialogue box that provides a dropdown picklist, as shown below. (Click to enlarge.)

Image removed.

The picklist provides options to set a variety of bank account information. Select the option you want to add to your PDF. You then need to add a label for the setting, ie, the text that will appear next to the value in your PDF, as well as entering the value itself. An example of this is shown below. (Click to enlarge.)

Image removed.

NOTE: Make sure the checkbox next to Show in Document is ticked and to Save & Close the setting.

You can repeat these steps to add the selection of settings that you want to see on your documents.

If you want to add any settings that aren't provided in the dropdown picklist, the underlying .xsl file will need to be customised. If you have skills to edit .xsl this is something that you/your colleagues could undertake. Alternatively, we would be happy to carry out customisation work for you using our Administrator Service.

I hope that helps.

Workbooks Support