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How does Click to Dial/Call the number functionality actually work?

Workbooks Support Posted: 2011-02-17 13:46

Inside forms and as part of a grid, it is possible to click a link and automatically invoke a softphone such as Skype to make a phone call.

So how does this functionality actually work?  Well you will need one of the following things:

  1. Skype, or:

  2. A soft phone client connected to your VoiP phone system which support web browsers, or:

  3. A web based phone service like natterbox.

In each case Workbooks works like this:

  • When you click on the phone link, Workbooks sends the command 'CALLTO:(phone number)' to your web browser. ('CALLTO: is a standard web browser command similar to MAILTO: and HTTP:). 

  • Your web browser will launch whichever application is associated with the CALLTO: command

  • The browser launches the application and passes across the phone number for dialling.

  • The application makes the call.

CALLTO is the most commonly used command for launching a soft phone from a browser and is supported by default by Skype.  However other commands can be used (such as TEL:).  So Workbooks makes it possible to configure which command is passed to the browser in your preferences.  Further examples, which you can also use to test your phone system, can be found here.


Skype Support

Workbooks is configured by default to support Skype.  So if you have Skype installed on your PC it will automatically be invoked by your browser when you click on the phone link.

Other Soft Phones

If you use a VoiP phone system, you should ask your phone provider if they can provide a soft phone to install on your PC/Mac.  The soft phone must support browser integration.

Workbooks Support Posted: Thu, 14.06.2012 - 10:18

For Bria and X-Lite use the sip: format so your Workbooks telephone preferences read sip:@number@


External Posted: Thu, 14.06.2012 - 11:16

 Users on the Mac can use the app Telephone by Alexei Kuznetsov. We've used this a few times and it's really good.