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How to reconfigure your MailChimp integration

Workbooks Support Posted: 2014-10-20 15:00

Inconsistencies can arise between MailChimp and Workbooks for a variety of reasons - the most common cause is when a list or campaign is deleted from either system and then changes are persisted without running a frequent synchronisation. If this occurs, then the easiest and most consistent way to correct the issue is to reconfigure the MailChimp integration.

   1. Delete the draft campaign in MailChimp.

   2. Remove the integration by clicking the MailChimp button from the Marketing Campaign in Workbooks.

   3. Run both MailChimp processes from Configuration and allow them to finish - this is to flush out the integration.

   4. Re-synchronise the integration by clicking the MailChimp button from Marketing Campaign.

   5. Run the MailChimp processes again (see step 3).


Your MailChimp integration is now reconfigured and ready to go!