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Reporting on Mailchimp Activity

Workbooks Support Posted: 2016-08-12 11:06

Reporting on Mailchimp information

The Support team has often been asked how to Report on the information captured by the MailChimp integration with Campaigns. There are different types of Reports that can be built and below we will provide guidelines on how you may accomplish this within a couple of the proposed scenarios.

Creating a MailChimp Report showing results from multiple Marketing Campaigns

Each Workbooks Campaign can store information from a single MailChimp email Campaign. If you wanted to compare how a follow-up Campaign did compared to the original or if you wanted to see how your email Campaigns perform generally, you can build a Report to show you this information. To do so;

1. Create a Report originating from Marketing Campaigns.
2. Create a Criteria on the Report to only show Campaigns that have been integrated with MailChimp;

3. Create Columns for the Campaign Name and the also chose to show the available MailChimp information, such as total emails opened and total emails hard bounced;

4. Values such as Percentage of Hard bounced emails are actually calculations based on the above fields. Therefore, these will need to be defined by using Calculated Columns with the following formulas;  

5. Carrying these steps out you will have a Report that looks like this;  

NOTE: Criteria or Filters can the be used to further control which Campaigns you see in the Report. For example, you may also wish to add further criteria to exclude any Campaigns in which the Total Emails sent Value is 0.

Obtaining MailChimp results for specific Membership Record Types

The MailChimp information stored within Workbooks shows how people acted with regard to your email Campaign. Did they open the email, did they click on any links etc.? This information can help your Sales team be more informed and improve their results. To build a Report to show this carry out the following steps;

1. Create a Report that sources its information from one of the Campaign Membership Record types that can be synchronised with MailChimp; People or, Sales Leads. (Below we use the example of Sales Leads but the same principles apply for People.) 
2. Add the Record name and also add a Column for the Campaign name by drilling through to the Campaign Membership and select the Campaign Name. Using this drill through, you will able to add any other information you want to capture from the Campaign Member, such as information on opens and clicks.

3. With this carried out simply run the Report to view your Results. You will be able to filter on the Campaign Name or the Record name to increase the relevance of the Results each time you look at the Report.

NOTE: These Reports can be used in many ways whether it be as a Report, on a Dashboard or even on a Record itself.