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Sending images in Workbooks emails

External Posted: 2012-08-24 10:21


We use the Case functionality in Workbooks and often would like to be able to cut & paste an image (usually a screen shot) into the repsonse to help the customer resolve their original question. We use a Case resolution email template activated directly from within workbooks (to make sure we have arecord of everything) but this does not support simple cut & paste functions for the images we send.

Is there a way to make simple cut & paste work with a workbooks email? I guess if the image was in the upload library then it could be referenced but that would mean haivng to save the screen shots as an image on harddisc, load it into the library then insert the link created back into the email.

I guess the other way to do this would be to use Outlook (our normal email cleint) and reference the case number in the subject line and use dropbox.

Appreciate any comments to make this as easy as possible.



Workbooks Support Posted: Wed, 05.09.2012 - 12:06

Hi Kevin, 

Images can be copy & pasted onto an Email, using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V) will allow the editor to access your clipboard directly, bypassing the secondary security window that may appear when using the copy & paste function. 

The image must be hosted somewhere (internet, upload library or on the Users computer) in order for it to appear in emails sent from Workbooks. This would require you to save any screenshots before using them in Case resolution emails. 

As you have mentioned, using your dropbox would allow you to send these emails without the need for saving the images prior to sending.


Kind Regards,