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Sharing GoToMeeting Invites with the Workbooks Outlook Connector

Workbooks Support Posted: 2015-01-12 15:07

If you use Citrix GoToMeeting to schedule in client meetings, you might be using an add-in which creates the meeting in Outlook and pops up on your screen after you've clicked "Schedule" in GoToMeeting. Typically, you might then amend the meeting details and then save the record so that it appears in your Outlook calendar. You may also wish to share this with Workbooks, however the blue sharing bar is not present. To workaround this, you'll need to do the following:


1. Create a new meeting through GoTo Meeting which will open in Outlook if you have the add in installed.

2. Close the meeting in Outlook and save the changes when closing to add it to your Calendar.

3. Select the created meeting in the Outlook calendar and click "Convert to Workbooks" on the Outlook ribbon.

4. Open the converted meeting and the "Share with Workbooks" bar will be available.


NOTE: You won't see any confirmation that the conversion process is complete, however, it is an almost instant process if you are only converting one meeting. If you are converting several, this may take some time so it is not recommended.

The same workaround also applies to meetings that have been accepted from a customer and you wish to share these with Workbooks.