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Showing invoices that we send to customers as paid

External Posted: 2013-04-05 12:03

1) Please can you tell me how I tally a payment that we have received to an invoice that we have produced on workbooks and sent to a customer.

2) How can I see what invoices are outststanding at any one time? i.e have not yet been paid.

3) How do we show that we have paid a supplier invoice/order in workbooks for items we have ordered from our supplier.

Many Thanks


Workbooks Support Posted: Mon, 08.04.2013 - 13:48

Hi Paul

The easiest way to do all of the above would be to create a custom field (or fields) on your records. You could simply create a checkbox on an Invoice record and one on a Supplier Order record which you can tick when you've been paid/made payment respectively. This would allow you to create a filter to show any invoices that haven't been paid.

If you need more data, you can take things further by creating a couple of custom fields: one to show the amount paid and the other to show the date. This would enable you to build a report showing how much was outstanding (by creating a formula that takes the amount paid from the total amount due) as well as being able to calculate things like how long on average a particular customer takes to pay.