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Workbooks Support Posted: 2011-01-18 17:44

Why can I see records in My Organisations that aren't assigned to me?

Workbooks Support Posted: Tue, 18.01.2011 - 17:48

Quite frequently we're asked "Why are there records listed in the My View that aren't assigned to me?". The answer is simple - you're watching the record.

Records within Workbooks include a button called Watch. When a user clicks on this button the record appears in the My View section of the relevant Landing Page (such as the My People / My Organisations / My Activities View, etc) for that user, regardless of who the record is assigned to.  

You may want to use this functionality to watch records that aren't assigned to you but that you want to track - key forthcoming deals, for example.  To do this, simply click on the Watch button at the top of the record (which will alter the appearance of the button to Stop Watching).  Now this record will appear in your My View.

And of course, simply click Stop Watching to remove the record from your My View.  Remember, if the record is assigned to you it will still appear in the My view section of the relevant Landing Page, even if you're not watching it.

Workbooks Support Posted: Thu, 17.02.2011 - 20:48

To build on the question about Watching records, we've been asked "How do I view records that I'm Watching?"

These records will always be displayed in the 'My' view section of the Landing Page for the relevant record, ie, the People you're Watching will show in the My People View within a People Landing Page, the Organisations you're watching will show in the My Organisations view within an Organisation Landing Page and so on.  

The 'My' view shows the records that are Assigned to you AND any that you're Watching.  If you want to see a view that displays ONLY those records that you're Watching, you should apply a filter to the 'My' view.  You should apply a filter of: Watching is true, as shown below (click to enlarge).

Image removed.

Notice that in the example above, the Watching column is activated.  You don't have to do this but it serves as a sense check that your filter is returning the records you expect to see.

Remember, you can activate Watching any record - including those that are Assigned to you.  So, if you're trying to create a view of records that you're Watching but which are not Assigned to you, you should apply a second filter of:  Assigned to does not equal and then type your name into the empty box, as shown below (click to enlarge).

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Finally, remember that you can apply a filter and then re-use it by saving it with a name, which will then make the view appear in the left-hand column of a Landing Page, within the My Views section.  To save a view, click on the View button and choose Save As.  This will open a box where you can enter a name for the view, as shown below.

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