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Workbooks Creditsafe Integration

Workbooks Support Posted: 2014-10-24 14:28

We have introduced an updated version of the Creditsafe Integration - more information on how to set up and use this can be found on our Knowledge Base.


Creditsafe are a global provider of business credit information with data on over 120 million organisations worldwide. The Workbooks integration with Creditsafe allows you to access and store up-to-date credit information alongside side your usual organisation CRM data, enabling you to make better, more informed business decisions.

Creditsafe's data is purchased on a per-request basis, therefore to minimise your costs, the Workbooks integration caches each request to your Organisation record meaning that you do not need to re-request the same data every time you wish to view it.

See screenshots below (click to enlarge) to see how the integration appears within Workbooks.

How to configure the Creditsafe Integration

To set up the integration you'll need to follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Set up the Web Process: this configures the script which drives the integration between Workbooks and Creditsafe.
  2. Set up the Creditsafe iFrame tab: this configures a tab on your Organisation form layout(s) where you'll be able to see and select Creditsafe's data before it is copied over to Workbooks.
  3. Set up the On-save process: this configures the process which copies Creditsafe's data to your Workbooks Organisation record so that you don't have to request the data each time you wish to view it.
  4. Adjust your form layout appropriately: the integration will automatically create new custom fields on your form layout to store the Creditsafe data. Your form layout(s) will need to be adjusted to keep the layout tidy. 

Step 1 - Set up the Web Process

The script which drives the integration is stored in the Script Library, so you'll need to copy it to your own database and thus own script library first. To find the script go to Start > Configuration > Automation > Scripts > Script Library > Creditsafe Integration, then open the script and click Copy to My Scripts. This will create a copy in your library which you'll need to rename to just "Creditsafe Integration".

Once the script is in your Script library, you can create the web process:  Go to Automation > Processes > Web Processes > New Web Process and fill in the following fields (See screenshot):

  • Name: Creditsafe Integration
  • Web URL: creditsafe_lookup
  • Script: Creditsafe Integration

Leave Anonymous Access? unchecked and select a user with System Administrator capabilities as the Run as value.

Once you click Save, you'll be able to populate your Creditsafe username and password in the appropriate parameter values found in the parameters tab.

Step 2 - Set up the Credisafe iFrame Tab

To create an iFrame tab to access the Creditsafe integration go to Start > Configuration > Customisation > Record Types > Organisation > Custom Fields > New Custom Field. Create a custom field of type iFrame, name it Creditsafe, and check the Show as Tab box. In the URL field, enter the URL below, exactly as it appears: 


Step 3 - Set up the On Save Process

For the data to be copied from Creditsafe's database to your own Workbooks Organisation record you'll need to configure the on-save process.

To do this, go to Start > Configuration > Customisation > Record Types > Organisation > Form Layouts, then for each of your Organisation form layouts where you want to access the Creditsafe information, go to Automation > New Process Button. Use the Button Text Creditsafe Integration, select the Creditsafe Integration script, and select the position as On Save (See screenshot below). 

Step 4 - Adjust your Form Layout Appropriately

Saving an Organisation record for the first time after the On Save process has been configured will trigger the creation of custom fields on the form layout which are used to store the Creditsafe data. We recommend that you tidy up your form layout appropriately to ensure that these fields are in a suitable position. You can also rearrange the tabs on your Organisation form layout to give the Creditsafe tab more prominence on the form layout (i.e., move it closer to the left). For guidance on how to customise your form layout, follow our Knowledge Base article on the subject here.

Using the Creditsafe Integration

To see the Creditsafe integration in action, select the Creditsafe tab on an Organisation record. By selecting the tab, you'll see a list of companies that Creditsafe have identified as potential matches to your Organisation record. Select the matching Organisation to see a list of key business credit information such as its credit rating, date of latest financials and credit limit. Data seen in this window is cached in the API data so that each time the tab is opened a new request isn't made. 

By clicking the Update Workbooks button, the data found in the window will be copied into the newly created custom fields.

The View in Creditsafe button will open Creditsafe's website in an external window for you to view further information. 

And that's all there is to it!

Workbooks Support

Stuart Posted: Fri, 07.04.2017 - 13:04

I'm trying to get the Creditsafe integration working, and have followed the steps above. However when I go to the Creditsafe tab on the organisation record the tab shows me the Workbook login screen within the iFrame rather than the Creditsafe details as shown in the example.

Greta (Workbooks Online) Posted: Tue, 11.04.2017 - 08:12

Hi Stuart,

When setting up the Creditsafe iFrame Tab in Step 2, make sure that URL contains your Workbooks database domain name. For example, in your case it should be instead of

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,