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How to create a Primary Contact custom field

Greta (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2016-10-14 09:11

On certain Record types such as Transaction Documents you may want to build a specific Relationship between the Record and a Person as a Primary Contact. Primary Contact Relationships may be needed when determining who needs to be emailed within an Organisation or used with integrations such as DocuSign.

This guide will talk you through how to create a Primary Contact Field using a Dynamic Linked Item (DLI) on an Opportunity that is constrained by the Prospective Customer Field. Meaning that only people working for the Prospective Customer will be available to select from.

The same principle can be used to create any other Relationship type between People and other records such as Finance Contacts, Alternative Contacts or Executive Sponsors.

Stage 1 - Create the Report

To create a Person Primary Contact Report go to Start > New > Report > Create a report from a template report then open the Report “Template - Primary Contact”.

This will open a Report with all of the required Columns added. You will only need to name the Report and Save it. We recommend naming it something like “Primary Contact Report” so that it is obvious what the Report is being used for.


It is also possible to create a new Report rather than using a Template, this Template has been created to save time and apply the most frequently used Columns for this type of DLI.

Stage 2 - Create the Primary Contact DLI

Once the Report has been saved go to Start > Configuration > Customisation > Record Types > Opportunities > Fields and select New Custom Field, from the Picklist select the Dynamic Linked Item (DLI) option.


On the Field Configuration, be sure to give it an appropriate Field Label such as Primary Contact and in the Report Field select the newly created Report. For the Display Column we recommend using Name as this will then allow you to select the Person’s name.


In the Advanced Options you will now be need to select the Create Relationships checkbox, this will then display two new Fields allowing you to configure the Relationship that the DLI will create between Opportunities and People.

Now we can add a Constraint so only that People are displayed in the DLI where the Organisation listed in the Prospective Customer, if no constraint is applied then this will display all People in the Report.


The Constraint that needs to be added is that the Prospective Customer Form Field is equal to the Employer Id from the Report.


Stage 3 - Configure Form Layouts

Once the Field becomes available you will then need to add it to any required Form Layouts.


Once the Field has been configured it will then be available to use:


Once selected the Person will the appear on the People Tab with a Primary Contact Relationship.


How else could I use this?

  • On Customer Invoices - display Finance and Alternate contacts.
  • On Customer Contracts - if a customer bought your services/products via partner, you can display Partner Primary Contact.
  • On Organisations - display Executive Sponsor, Head of Sales, Customer Services or Marketing.
  • Using Field mappings you can display useful information from the relevant person record: Job Title, Telephone number or LinkedIn profile URL.