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Batch Allocation into Workbooks of Sent and Received Emails from an Outlook .pst File

Brian Posted: 2016-12-01 13:12

Has anybody developed software support for going back over an existing Outlook .pst file and allocating the emails in there to either organisations or people within Workbooks? Historically, I haven't been linking emails I send and receive to my Workbooks records and I'd like to retrieve this situation if I can without having to inspect each and every one and manually allocating them (if that's even possible).

Ross (Workbooks Online) Posted: Mon, 05.12.2016 - 10:42

Hi Brian,

Unfortunately, an application like this is not available but there may be a few actions available to you to assist you in this task.

When working in batch there is no way to relate Emails to Records before uploading them with Workbooks. Workbooks does, however, have an automated 'filing' system to assist with this task. The Emails tab on a Person Record is actually empty when you open the Record. A query is made to your Workbooks database when you open the Email tab. This query locates any email in the database that has the email address, which exactly matches the Person's email address, within the from or to fields of the Email itself. (On an Organisation Record it runs this query based on all of the Employees related to the Organisation).  It is possible to have multiple email addresses associated with a single Person by using the Contact Details Tab if needed. 


If the information is there in workbooks, this would suggest that the action needed is to upload emails in bulk to your database. The quickest way to do this will be to utilise the Workbooks Dropbox email account you are entitled to have with any and all Workbooks accounts. Using this email address and a Rule within your email client you could automatically send the emails into you database based on a number of factors and logical rules. For more information on applying rules in a client like Microsoft Outlook please use an article like this Microsoft Support Page or similar.


NOTE:  Workbooks advise to set-up a rule that forwards emails as an attachment so that Workbooks can record the email you received rather than the forward of the original email.