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Which database am I logged into?

Sam (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2016-12-29 15:45

If you have multiple databases, you need to ensure that you are working in the right one. Below we have listed down various ways that you can check which database you are logged into.


Use Start > About

You can easily tell which database you’re logged into by clicking Start > About and reviewing the information:

  • Database = Database name
  • User name = Who you’re logged in as
  • Private Instance id = Database id, which our Support department will occasionally ask you to confirm


Create a desktop shortcut

You can add a shortcut to this screen by clicking the top left icon (as illustrated below)


This will then create the below 'About Workbooks' desktop icon.



Change the desktop logo

Changing the desktop logo will apply the new logo for all users, but is also the most obvious way of knowing whether you are in the right database. You can find instructions on how to amend it within our Knowledge Base.

For example, we use the below logo in our Live database.