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Which users are using the system the most?

Alix (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2017-06-20 13:09

It is important for a successful CRM implementation for all of your Users to be invested in using the system. There will always be some Users that adopt the system better than others, and some that may not use it as much as they should.

To help you identify these Users sooner rather than later, we have built some 'Adoption Metrics' Report Templates:

  • Template - Accounting documents - numbers
  • Template - Activities - numbers
  • Template - Cases - number
  • Template - Emails - numbers
  • Template - Marketing Campaigns - numbers
  • Template - Opportunities - numbers
  • Template - Organisations - numbers
  • Template - People - numbers
  • Template - Sales Leads - numbers

To create these reports, go to Start > New > Report > Create a report from a template report.

These reports will show you how many of each record type have been created by each User, per month of the year.

You can amend the reports to exclude the Users that are not relevant (i.e. you wouldn't expect them to create that Record Type anyway), or perhaps you are only interested in how many records have been created but have not been filled in correctly (see this forum post for more information on how to do this).

You could also add the reports to a Dashboard to make it easier to keep an eye on all of the Record Types from one place.