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Scheduled reporting recipients

Phil Posted: 2017-06-22 15:21

I have a possible enhancement request regarding the above.

We absolutely love the ease of scheduled reporting in Workbooks. What would make it even better for us is if we could set scheduled reports to be split and delivered to the relevant individuals as opposed to using a pre-defined list of recipients - i.e. send to "Assigned to" person or Created by" person

For example this would work really well with weekly exception reports. This will save us having send the reports to a specific individual for subsequent forwarding on to the relevant individuals included on that weeks exception report. Alternatively, we have considered is to just send the reports to all of the relevant group members but we would prefer not to do this as some weeks users won't have any entries on action on exception reports and we only want them to be mailed to if they have an action that is required.

Another option is to have a separate scheduled e-mail for each relevant individuals using the user login match and selecting the option to not deliver the e-mail if there are no results. However, our preferred option would be to have dynamic report delivery using the "Assigned to" and "Created By" report fields.

Hope this makes sense. Any queries give me a shout.

Sam (Workbooks Online) Posted: Wed, 28.06.2017 - 08:20

Hi Phil,

Thank you for getting in touch, glad to hear that you are making the most from scheduled reports.

You may have already seen our Forum Post on how to create a report to return only the results of the person viewing it, you can then create a scheduled email with the person receiving as the owner, this would mean creating multiple emails of the same Report with different owners, but Users would only see their own activities.

I have raised this enhancement with the Development Team, as we can really see how this would benefit you as well as other customers, once we have an update for you we will be back in touch.

If there is anything else we can do to help in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards,