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There was an error communicating with MailChimp

Dan Posted: 2017-08-22 16:18

I am setting up the field mapping between WorkbooksCRM and MailChimp API, it appears to have autmatically mapped some of them, though they are not the most helpful ones (such as middle name and job role). When I try to map First Name or Last Name I get the following message:

There was an error communicating with MailChimp. The error message was 'Something went wrong, please try again later.'. Workbooks has recorded the incident with reference: 640500-31419-91755

If I remove an existing mapping, and then put it back, that works without error.

Is there any way to map other lead fields to MailChimp successfully?

Dan Posted: Wed, 23.08.2017 - 07:08

I have found the solution.

When you choose a field name, the MailChimp Merge Tag Name fields will auto-populate with an abridged version of the Workbooks Field Name.

However MailChimp takes exception to some of those autopopulated abridged versions. For instance "Last name" becomes "LNAME" in MailChimp which it rejects using the error I mentioned. However if you manually change the 'MailChimp Merge Tag Name' to "LASTNAME" then it goes through without error.

I don't know why, perhaps there is some conflict with an existing MailChimp field - but this solution worked for me.