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Webinar Portal - Creating a new Webinar

Alix (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2017-09-19 17:15

To ensure that your GoToWebinar integration and Webinar Portal work correctly, please ensure you follow the steps below when setting up new Webinars:


Create a Webinar Record

Hopefully you have already been set up with a Form Layout and Record Template specifically for Webinars - if not, speak to your System Admin.

If this has been set up, this means that you will be able to go to Start > New > Marketing Campaign > Webinar to set up a new Webinar, which will open a screen similar to below:


If a Record Template has not been set up, you will have to go to Start > New > Marketing Campaign  to create a new Marketing Type, change the 'Type' field to 'Webinar' and save. Only then will the correct Form Layout be shown.

Fill in the fields as follows:

  • Name - The Name of the Webinar as you are naming it internally. This Name will not be displayed in the Webinar Portal or GoToWebinar, so you can add more details into this field to help you identify the correct record when viewing them internally.
  • Public Name - This is the Webinar Name that will be visible in the Portal and in GoToWebinar. If you do not fill this in it will default to the same as the Name field.
  • Status - Leave this as 'Planned'.
  • Webinar Start - The start date and time of the Webinar.
  • Webinar End - The end date and time of the Webinar.
  • Webinar Summary - A brief summary of what the Webinar is about or who it is aimed at. This is visible on the Upcoming Webinars and Previous Webinars tabs in the Webinar Portal.


  • Webinar Agenda - A more detailed overview of what will be discussed in the Webinar. This is sent to GoToWebinar as the Webinar Description and is displayed on the Portal when you click into a Webinar.


  • Background Image URL - The URL for the image that will be used as the background for that Webinar in the Webinar Portal. If you are already hosting this image online, you can use the URL from the site you are hosting it on, or you can upload it to the Upload Library, which will generate an External URL for you.
    NOTE: Ensure that you include the 'https://' or 'http://' at the beginning of the URL.
    NOTE: This background gets resized based on the size of the window, so ensure that you are using a high resolution image.

  • Webinar Key - This field will get populated automatically by the process once the Webinar has been created in GoToWebinar.

  • Webinar Availability - This controls how many people can sign up to your Webinar. Ensure that this number is no higher than the number of registrants that your GoToWebinar licence allows you to have. For every person that registers, this field will decrease by 1. When it reaches 0, no one else will be able to register, instead, they will see this message:


  • Webinar Download Link - Leave this blank until you have run the Webinar.

  • Gated Download - Leave this until you have run the Webinar.

  • Confirm Cancellation? - Only tick this field if you want to delete/cancel the Webinar.

Once you have filled in the fields, you can save the record. At this point, the Webinar will not be showing on the Webinar Portal, and will not exist in GoToWebinar. You can leave your Webinar in this state if you are still in the planning stage and are not sending out any invites yet.


Run the Process

At the point that you want this Webinar to start showing on the Webinar Portal, open the Webinar Record and click Run Process > Create Webinar in GoToWebinar (NOTE: your process might be named differently).

Creating a Webinar for the first time

If this is the first time that this process has been run, you will be asked to login to GoToWebinar and confirm that Workbooks is allowed access to your account. This will create an access token that is valid for almost a year.
You will also have to do this if it has been a year since Workbooks was last granted permission to access your account, or if you are trying to create a Webinar that will start after the access token expires.
Once you have granted Workbooks access, you will have to run the Create Webinar in GoToWebinar process again.

This process will first validate that all of the fields have been filled in correctly:

  • Webinar Start cannot be after Webinar End.
  • Webinar Start cannot be the same as Webinar End.
  • Webinar Start cannot be in the past.
  • Webinar duration cannot be more than 24 hours.
  • Webinar Start cannot be more than 6 months into the future (this is due to the expiration of the access token we use to connect to GoToWebinar).
  • Webinar Availability must be more than 0 and no more than the maximum number allowed by your GoToWebinar licence.
  • Webinar Agenda cannot be more than 2048 characters.

If all of the fields have been filled in correctly, the data will be sent to GoToWebinar and used to create a Webinar. Once created, GoToWebinar will provide us with the Key for that Webinar, which will be stored in the Webinar Key field.

The process will then go and create some new Membership Statuses that are more relevant to Webinars, and will delete the standard "Interested" and "Not Interested" statuses:

  • Invited - this status is not required by any of the processes. You can use this status to keep track of who you have sent invites to.
  • Declined - this status is not required by any of the processes. You can use this status to keep track of anyone that has declined an invitation so that you do not send them any further invites or reminders.
  • Registered - this is the status that is used by when someone signs up for the webinar.
  • Attended - this is used once the webinar has been run to show who attended the webinar.
  • Not Attended - this is used once the webinar has been run to show those that signed up for the webinar but did not attend.
  • Speaker - this is used to mark the Campaign Members that are speakers so that they can be displayed on the Webinar Portal.

Finally, the process will change the status of the Webinar to 'Active'. This will make the Webinar visible on the Portal.


Review the Webinar in GoToWebinar

If you have the 'GoToWebinar' tab on the Webinar record, it will display the GoToWebinar page for managing the relevant Webinar, if not you will have to go to GoToWebinar separately. Check that the details all show correctly, and check the Email Settings. You may want to turn off some of the emails that GoToWebinar sends automatically, like reminder emails or Attendee emails, especially if you plan on sending these yourself. It is most likely that the only email you want GoToWebinar to send is the registration confirmation email which will contain the Webinar joining details. All others can be sent by you, so that you can include more detail about the Webinar, and relevant documentation, and of course, it will have your own branding. If you use our Marketing Automation products, this also means you can get more information about opens and clicks.


Add Speakers

On the Members tab of the Webinar record, add anyone that will be speaking in the Webinar as a Member with a Membership Status of 'Speaker'.

Then click on the Member Status of that Person to open the Campaign Membership record, and fill in the details about that Speaker:


  • Speaker Description - A brief summary of who they are or what they will be presenting
  • Speaker Profile Image - The URL of a Profile Picture for that speaker. You may need to upload their photo into the Upload Library to get a URL. NOTE: ensure that you include the 'https://' or 'http://' at the beginning of the url. If an image is not specified here, it will instead display the default image that was specified in the Webinar Portal process parameters.
  • LinkedIn URL - If the URL for the person's LinkedIn profile is entered here, a LinkedIn button will be displayed on the Portal for this Speaker.

This will then mean that they show up on the 'Contributors' tab of the Webinar in the Portal:



Review the Webinar in the Webinar Portal

Finally, if you have the 'Webinar Portal' tab on the Webinar record, you can use it to check that everything looks ok on the Portal, otherwise you will have to navigate to the Event Portal separately, from the Preview tab on the Webinar Portal Web Process.

If everything looks ok, you can start adding members to your Webinar and can start sending out invites!!