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Webinar Portal & GoToWebinar Integration - Set Up

Alix (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2017-10-04 11:26

We provide a basic 'Webinar Portal' in our Script Library which integrates with GoToWebinar. This forum post will cover how to set up the required processes and configuration. For more information on what the Webinar Portal does, see here.

Create an API Key

The process requires the creation of an API Key from the Workbooks database you are configuring the integration on to enable GoToWebinar to authenticate with Workbooks on your behalf. To create this API Key, go to Start > Configuration > Email & Integration > API Keys and click 'New API Key'. Set the 'Access as User' to 'Automation', give it an appropriate name and then click 'Create'. Copy the generated API Key for later (this will be needed in the steps below.

Install GoToWebinar Plugin

Click Start > Configuration > Automation > Plugins > Add Plugin. Choose Script Library and then GoToWebinar from the list. Click Install Plugin.

The plugin will prompt you to configure the following settings as follows:

  • Workbooks API Key - Paste in the API Key that you generated earlier.
  • Company Logo - This parameter controls the image that displays in the top left of the Webinar Portal. Add in the url for your company logo. It is best for this logo to be hosted in the Workbooks Upload Library - if you are hosting it here, ensure that the 'Public Resource' checkbox is set to true.
  • Company Name - Your company name as you wish it to appear on the Webinar Portal. 
  • Company Website - The web page that portal users will be redirected to if they click on your company logo.
  • Default Speaker Image - If you have a default image that you would like to show when no Speaker image has been provided, provide the url in this parameter. By default, the plugin will use which is the Workbooks Person icon.
  • Lead Assigned To - The name of the User or Queue that you would like any new Sales Leads to be assigned to. These are Sales Leads that will be created when an unknown person registers for an upcoming Webinar or downloads from a previous Webinar. You will need to create a new Sales Lead Queue if you do not already have one.
  • Activity Assigned To - When somebody downloads a Webinar recording from the Previous Webinar page in the portal, a new Lead is created. An Activity is related to that Lead to allow your team to follow up. This parameter sets the name of the User or Queue that you would like any 'Webinar - Content Download' Activities to be assigned to - you will need to create a new Activities Queue if you do not already have one.
  • Additional Registration Message - The text that you would like to appear under the Registration button on an Upcoming Webinar. By default, this will show:



If this doesn't work for you, perhaps because you do not record your Webinars, you can use this parameter to show your text. This must be entered in HTML format, e.g.

<h4>Unable to attend?</h4><p>Some of our Webinars get recorded.</p><p>Check the Previous Webinars section later to obtain a link to the recording</p>

Automatically Created Configuration

When you click continue the following Custom Fields are automatically created by the Plugin:

Field Name Field Description Data Type Record Type
Webinar Start This field defines the Start date & time of the webinar and is sent to GoToWebinar when you click "Create Webinar" from a Marketing Campaign Date Time Marketing Campaign
Webinar End This field defines the End date & time of the webinar and is sent to GoToWebinar when you click "Create Webinar" from a Marketing Campaign Date Time Marketing Campaign
Webinar Summary This field defines the one line summary of the webinar and is sent to GoToWebinar when you click "Create Webinar" from a Marketing Campaign Text Marketing Campaign
Webinar Agenda This field defines the full detailed agenda of the webinar and is sent to GoToWebinar when you click "Create Webinar" from a Marketing Campaign Rich Text Marketing Campaign
Webinar Availability This field controls how many people can register for your webinar within the Webinar Portal. Once the number reaches 0, the "Register" button is no longer visible. Integer Marketing Campaign
Webinar Key

The value of this field is set by the integration when you click "Create Webinar". It is used in several places by the integration is recommended that you make this field read-only.

- The Webinar Portal uses this field to register new people to a Webinar

- The Webinar Post Processing uses this field to retrieve completed Webinars from GoToWebinar and sync attendees to Campaign Members

Text Marketing Campaign
Background Image Url This URL is used to display an image on the Webinar Portal registration screen URL Marketing Campaign
Webinar Download Link When a Webinar is completed, you might wish to store the recording somewhere so that it can be downloaded later.  URL Marketing Campaign
Gated Download This checkbox can be set to true so that a user of the portal has to provide contact details before they can download a recording. Checkbox Marketing Campaign
Confirm Cancellation This checkbox must be set to true to enable you to cancel a Webinar in GoToWebinar. Checkbox Marketing Campaign
Speaker Description This text shows on the contributors tab within the Webinar Portal. Rich Text Campaign Member
Speaker Profile Image Url This URL will display an image of the speaker within the contributors tab on the Webinar Portal. URL Campaign Member
Linkedin URL This URL is visible as a button on the contributors tab within the Webinar Portal. URL Campaign Member
Claimed Employer When a user registers for a Webinar in the portal, the user submitted "Employer" value is set in a temporary text field on the Person to stop duplicates being created in your database. A manual clear up exercise might be needed on this field. Text Person
Question Answer When the Webinar Post Processing process runs after a Webinar, questions that are asked by the Attendees are synced to Workbooks Activities. If an answer was provided during the session, the value is set in this field. Rich Text Task


The following values are automatically added to the system picklists listed below:

  • Campaign Types

    • Webinar
  • Lead Source Types

    • Webinar - Content Download

    • Webinar Registration

  • Activity Types

    • Webinar - Content Download

  • Campaign Statuses

    • Complete (state = closed)

    • Cancelled (state = closed)


Manual Configuration

At the time of writing, it is not currently possible to automate the setup of all elements of this solution. Thus, there are some manual steps required which are outlined below.

Amend Form Layouts

Create a new Marketing Campaign Form Layout, and set up the Form Layout Rules so that it only shows when the Campaign Type is 'Webinar'. Set up the Form Layout to ensure that all of the fields above are displayed, along with the standard 'Name', 'Public Name' and 'Status' fields. We'd recommend something like the layout below:

Remember to also edit you other Marketing Campaign Form Layouts, adding a Layout Rule so that the Form Layout only shows when the Campaign Type is not 'Webinar'.

Create Button Processes

On your 'Webinar' Form Layout, go to the 'Automation' tab and click 'New Process Button'.

There are 3 button processes that need to be created to support the different modes of the integration. Create the relevant ones from the below. At a minimum, you should create at least the first button to allow you to create a Workbooks Campaign in GoToWebinar and make it available on the Webinar Portal for registrations.

1. Create (Required)

This is the process that will check that you have filled in everything correctly before sending the details to GoToWebinar to create the webinar, and will also create the required Membership Statuses. If the webinar is created successfully in GoToWebinar, the Webinar Key field is populated automatically and the status of the Marketing Campaign is changed to "Active"

On the new process, fill in the fields as follows:

  • Button Text - set this to something appropriate, like "Create webinar in GoToWebinar".
  • Script Location - Script Library
  • Script - Webinar Management
  • Enable - set this to true
  • Run as - We would recommend that you set this to 'Automation', but it can be set to 'Current User' if you are sure that the Users have the relevant capabilities for editing Marketing Campaigns, Membership Statuses and API Data.
  • Position - set this as appropriate - do not set it to 'On Save'.

Save this and navigate to the 'Parameters' tab. Set the parameters as follows:

  • api_key - set this to the API Key that you created earlier, the same as on the Web Process.
  • maximum_availability - this parameter will control the maximum value that can be set in the 'Webinar Availability' field and will therefore control the maximum number of people that can sign up for your webinars. It should be set to no more than the maximum number of registrants that your GoToWebinar licence will allow. If you have a 'Starter' licence, the maximum number of attendees that is allowed is 100, but the maximum number of registrants is 1000.
  • mode - set this to "create".

You can then Save and Close this process button.

2. Update (Optional)

This is the process that will be used when updating the webinar details in GoToWebinar. If you use this button, all registrants will notified of the change automatically by GoTo Webinar. It is set up the same as above, but with the following variants:

  • Button Text - set this to something appropriate, like "Update webinar in GoToWebinar".
  • Parameter > mode - set this to "update".

3. Cancel (Optional)

This is the process that will cancel the Webinar in GoToWebinar. NOTE: That cancelling a Webinar, completely deletes a Webinar and all of it's attendees which is not recoverable. You will be prompted to tick the "Confirm Cancellation" checkbox before you can run this button. If you cancel a Webinar, GoToWebinar will automatically notify all recipients that the Webinar has been cancelled. The campaign status will also updated to "Cancelled"

  • Button Text - set this to something appropriate, like "Cancel Webinar in GoToWebinar".
  • Parameter > mode - set this to "delete".

You are now ready to go and run some webinars!!!