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Why you should use Google Analytics and Web Insights

Sam (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2017-10-10 20:01

At Workbooks we offer customers the option to use our Web Insights feature, this is a custom integration that we have built in order to track the web traffic on your website and feed directly into Workbooks. This module gives you the benefit from getting information constantly updated within Workbooks, allowing you to track specific Organisations and Individuals’ movements on your website as well creating Sales Leads when a new prospect visits your site.

With free tools such as Google Analytics available, we are often asked “why should I use Web Insights when I can just use Google Analytics?”. The answer to this is that you should use both and this forum post will outline the difference between our Web Insights module and Google Analytics, what they can offer and where they differ.


A quick overview

The main difference between Google Analytics and Web Insights is who it tracks on your website.

Google Analytics is able to give you quick statistics on how many visits you had overall as well as on a page-by-page basis.

Web Insights is primarily a lead generation tool, so will analyse the IP Address or email address of the individual on your website to either identify the specific Person or at least their employer with the view of being able to give you insight into where they have been on your website and what products or services they might be interested in.


What are the benefits of using Google Analytics?

The main benefit of using Google Analytics is that you are using a tool powered by Google. This gives you access to a number of features that are unavailable on other platforms. Generally speaking they are best used by Digital Marketers and Web Developers to understand the User Experience and Customer Journey for their website.

Understanding where customers enter the site, where they visit and when they leave allow you to ensure that you are putting content in the right place on the right page. With the ability to see how people came to your website such as; referrals, search engines or click-throughs, see the popular routes taken for each of these and then not only when they left but where they left to gives you the knowledge you need to make sure you are interacting with your customers in the right way.


How does this tie in with Web Insights?

While Google Analytics is great for Marketeers to understand the customer journey and what their customers are doing, it is anonymous data. Web Insights works with this to convert as much of this traffic as possible into information that can be used by Sales and Marketing departments for a more direct interaction.

With Web Insights you can target specific users look at their online journey through your website, where they went, how long they stayed on each page, did they visit the pages you hoped they would and did they come back for a second look?

With this information being pulled directly into Workbooks you are able to analyse it alongside the information you might already hold for that Organisation or Person. You’ll also know straight away whether they are an existing customer looking for additional services, or a brand new lead. This is all achieved using the Reporting tools in Workbooks and the results can be used in various ways, including to create custom Marketing Campaigns for people that visited specific pages, or came back to the website after a 6 month absence.


So what are the benefits of using both?

The benefits of using both in this case means that Google Analytics gives you an idea of what your traffic is like as an overall figure, allow you to see the trends in visits, when people visit, which pages they look at, regardless of who they are. While it does this Web Insights is working away at identifying possible leads for your sales team to follow up on created in Workbooks.

These two systems work great in tandem, giving you the two sides of the same coin and allowing you to capitalise as much as possible on your website’s traffic.

If you want to find out more about our Web Insights Module, please get in touch with your Account Manager to set up a two week free trial.