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Webinar Portal - After Running a Webinar

Alix (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2017-10-21 19:16

Once you have completed a webinar, the "Post Webinar Management" scheduled process will run. It will collect the attendee data from GoToWebinar and use it to update to Membership Statuses of your Campaign Members. Attendees will have their Membership Status set to "Attended". Any member that had a status of "Registered" but that did not attend the webinar will have their status updated to "Not Attended". The process will then change the status of the webinar from "Active" to "Complete".

However, the webinar will not appear in the 'Previous Webinars' section of the Webinar Portal until you complete a couple of steps:

1. Provide the download link

The webinar will only appear in the 'Previous Webinars' section of the Webinar Portal if there is something for users to download. You must therefore provide the download link in the 'Webinar Download Link' field. Ensure that you include the 'https://' or 'http://' at the beginning of the link.

2. Gate the download

This step is not required for the webinar to start appearing in the 'Previous Webinars' section of the Webinar Portal, but is required if you want users to fill in their details before downloading the link. If the download is not gated, the process will not create new Leads nor create 'Webinar Download' Activities. Therefore, if you want the download to be gated, ensure you tick the 'Gated Download' checkbox.