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Reports you can build with Compliance Records

Sam (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2018-04-19 14:39

As a part of our Webinar Series on GDPR and the use of our Compliance Records we have put together step by step guides on how to build a number of Reports which can be used to help identify People or Lead Records that may require review as part of your GDPR Policy. 

Report 1: Breakdown of Legal Grounds used for People in your database.

This Report was referenced in our first Episode of the Webinar which provides an overview of People in your database, the relationship that they have with your Own Organisation and the Legal Grounds that you are using to hold their information.

This provides you with an overview of the People in your database and who’s data you may not be eligible to hold.

Report 2: People or Leads that will lose their Compliance.

This Report is built from Compliance Records, looking at both People and Lead Records to see whether People or Leads will no longer have a valid Compliance Record against them, in both a 90 day and one month view. This Report could then be used in a Mailing List to generate a Campaign to contact these People or Leads to extend their Compliance.

Report 3: Compliance Records that will expire.

Similar to the previous Report this looks at expiring Compliance Records and shows you which ones are due to expire, as People or Leads can have multiple Compliance Records against them so you may want to review the specific Compliance if you are contacting People for various reasons.

Report 4: Marketing Campaigns with non compliant Members

This Report looks at all of your upcoming Marketing Campaigns and informs of whether there are Campaign Members that are not GDPR Compliant. This Report can also be used as a template guide for other Records with non Compliant People or Leads such as Organisations or Opportunities.