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Viewing duplicate People from a Sales Lead Record

Sam (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2018-12-11 16:19

This Forum Post will talk you through how to build a Report Field that can be used to identify whether a newly created Sales Lead already exists in your Database as a Person, by matching on the Email Address.


This Report can then be placed on a Sales Lead Form Layout so when it is opened you can see immediately whether a potential duplicate exists.

Stage 1 - Build the Report

This Report is very simple to build as it requires no configuration from yourself, you may find that you already have the Report in your database as this is simply a Person Report that contains basic Personal information such as Name, Email Address and Person Reference.

To build the Report go to create a new Prepopulated Report based on People.

This will generate a Report with the Name, Email and Person Reference Columns, which is all this Report requires, however you may want to add other Columns such as the Employer to help better identify duplicate information. Once you are happy with the Report, you will need to name and save it.


Stage 2 - Create the Custom Field

You will now need to create the Report Custom Field. From Customise Sales Leads create a New Custom Field and Report.


On the Report Field you will need to configure it to use your newly created Report and configure any other settings:


Before you finish creating the Report field, you will need to add a criteria for where the Email Address Column in the Report is equal to the Email Address on the Form.


This will ensure that when you open a Sales Lead you will only see People with an exact match on email address.

Stage 3 - Configure your Form Layouts

You will need to apply this newly created field to your Forms as required, It is important to place this Field somewhere easily visible such as at the top of the Form, this will help encourage user to check for duplicates.


Now when you open a Sales Lead it will display any Person Record with a matching Email Address: