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Identifying Employees of Organisations Records within a Mailing List

Sam (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2018-12-17 20:22

This Post will guide you through how to build a Report that looks up Organisation Records that are Members of a specific Mailing List and see all of their Employees.

This Report can be used for when you want to contact people at an Organisation as a part of a Mailshot. Organisation Records are often added to a Campaign and used as part of a call-out campaign but are not valid Mailshot recipients. People and Sales Leads are able to receive Mailshots, so this Report can be used to add any missing Employees from these Organisations to your Mailing List before it is sent out.

Stage 1 - Create the Report

To start this Report go to Start > New > Report > Create a new pre-populated Report and select Mailing List Members

You will then need to add the following Column to the Report:
Organisation > Reference
Organisation > Employees > Person reference
Organisation > Employees > Name


Note: You can drill through to other Relationships if you are not looking for Employee Relationships.

You will now need to add the following Criteria:
Party or lead type is Private::Crm::Organisation

Additionally you can add another Criteria of 
Mailing List > Object Reference is MLIST-XXX

Where the MLIST Reference is the Mailing List in question otherwise this Report will look at all Organisations across all Mailing Lists.


Stage 2 - Add Members to a Mailing List

This can either be done when creating a new Mailing List or to add members to an existing Mailing List depending on how you have your configuration set up.

For either option you will be able to use either the Person Name or the Person Reference as the column to add members to the Mailing List and ensure that they are unique.


If adding this Report to an existing Mailing List it will then add any People Records that are not already members so that you can be sure no one is missed.