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Marketing Campaigns and Related Items

Adam Posted: 2020-06-05 08:52

Hello, we use marketing campaigns to track meetings we set up for our clients. The meetings are attended by people from outside the client's organization. We add our members and then use that list to create the meetings from the members list. When we do that the system automatically relates: the campaign, the member, and the member's organization. We then have to go in and manually relate our client to the meeting as well, for further reporting options. Is there a way to have the client related to the campaign so that it will automatically relate it to any meetings we create in that campaign?

Paul (Workbooks Online) Posted: Fri, 05.06.2020 - 10:25

Hi Adam,

To confirm that we have raised a support ticket for your query and the support team will respond shortly.

Kind Regards

Workbooks Support