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Additional email addresses

Workbooks Support Posted: 2011-11-12 16:25

As I deal with individuals as clients as opposed to companies, all my key information is placed in the "people" files - I note that the system only has room for one e-mail address per client - I have a few clients who have two or even three addresses they send messages to me from - therefore if it is sent from one which is not the main one on my workbooks file, it is unable to lodge itself in their file when syncing from Outlook - is there any way I am able to add additional e-mail addresses on the system?

Workbooks Support Posted: Mon, 14.11.2011 - 11:10


Workbooks allows you to store additional contact information for both People and Organisations.  These are held within the Contact Details tab on the record.  (You may need to scroll right to see it.) Once there, simply click New Contact Details and complete the record that appears. When identifying email addresses to synchronise with the Outlook Connector searches through addresses held within the Contact Details tab as well as the email address on the main tab so you can have multiple email addresses for each contact, if appropriate.