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External Posted: 2016-05-16 18:20


Wonder if you can help me.  I've been using Workbooks for web2 lead for a long time, but now need a way to manage our engineer job allocations.

There are a lot of field based workflow tools out there but Im wondering if workbooks can do this and if so would sales lead or cases be the best way?


Thanks, Abi



Workbooks Support Posted: Tue, 17.05.2016 - 08:26

Hi Abi,

It is completely up to you which record type you use, depending on your business needs. For example, Cases are already set up to hold the description of the job, the next steps, the resolution and link to the customer through the Primary Contact fields. The Cases could be assigned to an 'Engineering Queue' once they were created, which could notify the engineers by sending an email or a notification.

A Sales Lead would probably require a lot of customisation before it would fit your needs, but if this would work better with your current workflow then there is nothing to stop you from doing this.

We would advise reading through the Knowledge Base to see what it says about each record type, and you could also create some test records in your system to see what you would prefer.


Kind regards,

Workbooks Support